Last Stand

With Harrison Ford

Why this story needs to be told

We saw it. Forests cut. Trees laying on the ground. Burnt where they fell. It's devastating. It's heartbreaking.

Harrision Ford


YEARS correspondent Harrison Ford travels to Indonesia to investigate how the world’s appetite for palm oil – an ingredient in everything from candy bars to laundry detergent – has led to massive deforestation and turned that country into one of the world’s largest emitters of greenhouse gases.


Java, Sumatra; Borneo, Indonesia; Mountain View, CA; Sunnyvale, CA; Los Angeles, CA



Meet The Characters

We’re the ones who caused all this…this, distress. First we took their home away, and then we killed their mothers. And then are we just going to say…oh they’re not worth it?

Lone Dröscher Nielsen Director Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Rescue Center

The Science Behind The Story

1,021 KM2/YEAR

From 2000-2012, Indonesia exhibited the largest increase in forest loss, with an average loss of 1,021 km2/year (~395 sq miles).

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