Into the Light

With David Letterman

Why this story needs to be told

I was excited to visit India to learn of the country, the people, and the culture.

David Letterman


In his first television project since retiring as host of CBS’s “The Late Show,” David Letterman travels to India to find out how this country—soon to be the world’s most populous—will power all its people. Will they continue using dirty fossils fuels like coal or lead the way with the renewable energy program they’ve promised? Letterman interviews the prime minister, travels to rural villages where 300 million people live without power, and finds out why the U.S. may play a key role in India’s energy future.

National Geographic Feature Story: How Climate Change is Hitting India


Meet The Characters

Narendra Modi  Prime Minister of India
Richard Verma  US Ambassador to India
Arunabha Ghosh  CEO, Council on Energy Environment and Water
Iqbal Kidwai Filmmaker
Inderpreet Wadhwa CEO of Azure Power
Anil Raj Managing Director, OMC Power


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