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SAVE water

By The YEARS Project

Water conservation and energy conservation are closely intertwined in North America. When most people turn on the tap, the water that flows out probably made a stop at the local water treatment center. Ensuring that water is clean and safe uses a lot of energy. So, when you use less water around the house, you’re also shrinking your carbon footprint.

Here are some tips for cutting back on water use:

  1. Fix leaks and drips around your home. Check out these tips from the EPA’s WaterSense program on how to find and fix common household leaks.
  2. Choose water efficient faucets, bathroom fixtures and appliances.
  3. Use a rain barrel in your yard or garden, to collect runoff from the house for watering plants later.
  4. Turn off the tap while you scrub—that goes for washing your hands, brushing your teeth and washing dishes! There’s no need to let the water run while you’re soaping up, only when it’s time to rinse.
  5. Re-think your lawn. Grass can take a lot of water to maintain, which can be a particularly big problem in drought-prone areas like California. Check out this list of 5 water-saving ways to replace your lawn.

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