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Put A Price On Carbon

By The YEARS Project

Many climate change experts agree that putting a price on carbon can help solve climate change.

What is a price on carbon? It basically means charging polluters a fee for every ton of carbon emissions they dump into the air. In the video below, economist and former U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert Reich explains how it works.

Years of Living Dangerously and the non-profit Our Climate teamed up to create the #PutAPriceOnIt campaign, to help raise awareness about putting a price on carbon and solving climate change. We support carbon pricing efforts at the local, state and national level by mobilizing the support of young people, who represent the generation most affected by climate change.

We know that asking polluters to pay more can seem scary–because most of us contribute to pollution too, with most of the cars, airplane flights, and the energy we use to power our home. But here’s the thing: if we don’t start paying the true cost of carbon pollution now, we’ll pay much much more in the future. Not only will there be direct monetary costs from climate change (from things like crop loss, storm and flood damage, or health bills), but also we’ll pay the price with the loss of entire ecosystems like coral reefs.

How can you join the fight to put a price on pollution? One of the most powerful things you can do is just help raise awareness about this solution. So, help us share these videos far and wide, and be sure to follow the campaign on whatever social media you use the most–we’re on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You can also tell your members of government that you support a price on carbon. On our ACT page, we’ve built a tool that makes it easy to email or tweet to your representatives in Congress.

Finally, you can learn more and get campaign updates at TheClimateSolution.com.