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Hot News: September 23

By Hot News: September 23

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Global Push to Phase Out HFCs: US leaders and those from more than 100 other countries called for an early phase down of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), weeks ahead of a high-level Montreal Protocol meeting in Rwanda. Without additional curbs it’s estimated that HFCs, powerful greenhouse gases, can increase the global average temperature 0.5°C by 2100, necessitating an urgent phase-out to meet the Paris Agreement goals. A group of donor countries and philanthropists also committed $80 million in financial support. (News: GuardianEconomist $, The HillGreenwire $. Commentary: Huffington Post, Jake Schmidt op-ed)

Trump Promises Fossil Fuel Free-for-All: Republican candidate Donald Trump promised an “energy renaissance” through sweeping deregulation of the fossil fuel industry, rapid approval of new pipelines and the opening of federal lands to oil and gas production. Speaking at the Shale Insight conference in Pittsburgh — a natural gas industry event — he also promised to end the “war on coal.” Several news outlets noted that policies to encourage coal production would most hurt coal’s main fossil fuel competitor — natural gas. (News: New York Times $,  LA Times $, BloombergPolitico Pro $, Washington Post $, Wall Street Journal $, Pittsburgh Post-GazetteNBC New YorkThe HillInside EnergyTIMEThinkProgressAtlanticCNBCE&E News $. Commentary: Politico Pro, Elana Schor analysis $)

Obama-appointed Judge to Participate in CPP Arguments: The US Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit announced the participation of Judge Nina Pillard for the September 27Clean Power Plan oral arguments. The involvement of Obama-appointee Judge Pillard, who had previously recused herself, is seen as a potential boon for the Clean Power Plan as it means there will be six judges appointed by the Democrats and four by the Republicans. In a recent blog, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy said the agency “remains fully confident in [the plan’s] legal merits.” (News: Politico Pro $, The HillGreenWire $, UtilityDiveThe HillGreenWire $, BloombergWest Virginia Public RadioCommentary: Forbes, Mindy Lubber op-edWashington Post, Jonathan H. Adler column $; New Haven Register, Dan Esty op-edPolitico Pro, Alex Guillen analysis $)

US News
  • California’s Soberanes fire is the most expensive in America — ever (Pacific Standard)
  • Millennials attack “disingenous” Clinton strategy after climate pivot  (Climate Home)
  • Environmental justice bill fails to pass in California (InsideClimate News)
  • Cheap gas means U.S. should ease auto efficiency, lawmakers say (Bloomberg)
  • Republicans asked some climate questions yesterday. We asked scientists to answer (ClimateWire $)
  • Climate change is here: Inside the summer of hell and high water (Rolling Stone)
  • In historically wet year, this week’s storms not quite ‘mega’ (Minnesota Public Radio)
  • Risky business: Hollywood bets big on ‘Deepwater Horizon’ (New York Times $)
  • Why Texas holds the key to carbon taxes (Houston Chronicle)
  • Wyoming considers raising nation’s only wind tax (Inside Energy)
  • White House hopes to fight climate change with data sharing (Engadget)
  • Lawmakers press concerns over fuel efficiency rules (The Hill)
  • Hayward area marshlands endangered by climate change (East Bay Times)
  • True cost of solar variability is minor compared to installation (Clean Technica)
  • Satellite-based radar confirms man-made Texas earthquakes (AP)
  • These researchers think we’re nearing ‘peak car’ — and the consequences could be dramatic (Washington Post $)
  • Three brothers seek to overtake Tesla with souped-up plug-in cars (Bloomberg)
  • Musk plans to unveil solar roof with storage, charger in October (Bloomberg)
  • Ohio conservatives craving clean energy (Think Progress)
  • Obama just tied climate change to national security (Climate Central)

World News

  • Climate change threatens world’s coffee supply, report says (New York Times $, Financial Times $, Gothamist)
  • Soil carbon storage not the climate change fix it was thought, research finds (GuardianWashington Post $)
  • Climate change could cross key threshold in a decade: scientists (Thomson Reuters FoundationAFP)
  • Canadian First Nations, U.S. tribes form alliance to stop oil pipelines (CBC News)
  • China to rein in green growth for first time after record boom (Bloomberg)
  • Want to slow climate change? Stop having babies (Bloomberg)
  • Canete: EU to ratify Paris climate deal next month (Climate Home)
  • Carney backs green finance to cut emissions and boost growth (GuardianFinancial Times $)
  • Hyderabad rain: City weather bearing the brunt of climate change? (Times of India)
  • Farming on the edge: the Indian salt producers coping with 48C heat (Guardian)
  • Terns flee warming temperatures in epic migration north to Alaska (Guardian)
  • EU chief says bloc’s credibility at stake over climate pact (AP)
  • In a parched corner of Xinjiang, ancient water tunnels are running dry (New York Times $)
  • Climate change in East Asia caused by China’s air pollution, study reveals … because it’s making goods for the West (South China Morning Post)
  • Dong Energy plans world’s largest windfarm repair hub at Grimsby (Guardian)
  • EU clears Vattenfall sale of German lignite assets to Czech EPH (Reuters)
  • Soil carbon storage not the climate change fix it was thought, research finds (Guardian)
  • Total cuts investments, costs further to lift profitability (Wall Street Journal $)
  • Mangrove loss threatens Kenyan coastal communities and the climate (Climate Home)
  • Oil and gas wastewater is changing the Earth’s surface, study finds (Mashable)
  • BP’s planned response to any Great Australian Bight oil spill too slow, says expert (Guardian)
  • Offshore wind facility will be ‘game-changer’ for UK renewables (Independent)
  • Renewable energy projects running out of steam: India Ratings (Bloomberg)
  • First U.S. shale gas shipment to arrive in Britain, serenaded by a Scots piper (Reuters)

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