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Hot News: September 1

By Hot News: September 1

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Obama Touts Climate Action Before G20: President Obama highlighted the need for climate action at the 20th Lake Tahoe Summit and later in Hawaii, before heading to Asia for the G20 summit, where the issue is expected to be high on the agenda. Talking about preserving natural “jewels” like Lake Tahoe, Obama said, “It sure is not going to happen if we pretend a snowball in winter means nothing is wrong…if we boast about how we’re going to scrap international treaties.” His administration also announced new programs to help Lake Tahoe and the rest of the Western US adapt to climate change. (New York Times $, Huffington PostNPRABC NewsReno Gazette-JournalReutersGuardianWashington Post $, Wall Street Journal $, US News & World ReportAPBloombergTIMELA Times $, The HillMorning Consult)

Americans Just Don’t Agree on Climate Change: Partisan polarization on climate change has widened over the years, raising the stakes for voters this election. In a new analysis, researchers found that there is now a 41 percent gap between Democrat and Republican opinions on whether climate change is caused by humans, compared with a 17 percent gap in 2001. “Whether, and how, individual Americans vote this November may well be the most consequential climate-related decision most of them will have ever taken,” lead author Riley Dunlap wrote. (News: Phys.orgCommentary: DeSmog, Graham Readfearn column)

Renewables Can Power a Third of the Eastern Grid: The power grid in the Eastern US could support 30 percent of its electricity from wind and solar sources annually by 2026. A new study from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory used a detailed model to prove the Eastern Interconnection (EI) — the single, sprawling power grid that reaches from Maine to New Mexico and serves more than 240 million people — can incorporate the variable generation of wind and solar using technology available today without compromising service or reliability.  At present, wind and solar make up less than 7 percent of EI’s annual electricity mix. (VoxGreenwire $, Greentech Media)

US News
  • Gov. Jerry Brown, state lawmakers reach last-minute deal on spending cap-and-trade revenues (LA Times $)
  • California’s zero-emission vehicle program is stuck in neutral (Reuters)
  • Lawmakers approve new climate plans to help California’s disadvantaged communities (LA times $, AP)
  • SolarCity disappointed in exclusion from Nevada solar rate case (Reuters)
  • 2 months later, flood-ravaged West Virginia town rebuilds (AP)
  • Five years after Hurricane Irene, Vermont still striving for resilience (InsideClimate News)
  • SolarCity advisor Lazard made mistake in deal with Tesla (ReutersWall Street Journal $)
  • Hermine could end Florida’s unusual 11-year hurricane drought (USA TodayABC News)
  • Sen. Chuck Grassley: Trump can get rid of wind energy ‘over my dead body’ (Washington Examiner)
  • Three ‘Raging Grannies’ arrested for blocking oil and coal trains (Spokesman-Review)
  • California drought: Water guzzlers to face new penalties, possible public disclosure of names (San Jose Mercury News)
  • U.S. universities using less coal for heat, power (Fuel Fix)
  • Lamar smith seeks to affirm Exxon climate subpoenas with hearing (InsideClimate News)
  • The cost of slashing greenhouse gas emissions (Wall Street Journal $)
  • SunEdison yieldco avoids event of default on 2023 and 2025 notes (Bloomberg)
  • Methane release by oil and gas industry threatens health, study says (Star Telegram)
  • Iowa’s new $3.6b wind project could be one of many ‘mega’ wind orders (Greentech Media)
  • U.S. funding for fighting Zika virus is nearly spent, C.D.C. says (New York Times$)
  • Bird deaths at Nev. plant remain a mystery (Greenwire $)
  • Musk talked merger with SolarCity CEO before Tesla stock sale (Bloomberg)
  • Coal Ash: 1,000 homes to get new water supply or filtration (AP)
  • Dominion says it is near finish of waste coal project (AP)
  • The greening of superyachts (New York Times $)
  • Biofuels may be good for the climate — but they could be bad for bees, research says (Washington Post $)
  • Climate change ‘tug of war’ keeps scientists guessing on storm track (

World News

  • Sources: Obama, China aim to formally join Paris climate pact ahead of G-20 (Politico)
  • G20 will blow the Paris climate targets – report (Climate HomeBusinessGreen)
  • Chinese people want renewable energy more than anyone, but nobody’s selling it to them (Quartz)
  • Too much coal, too few takers; government revokes Coal India’s 1-bt target (Economic Times)
  • Pope urges Christians to save polluted planet from ‘debris, desolation and filth’ (Reuters)
  • Thousands of UK churches ditch fossil fuel electricity (GuardianFinancial Times$)
  • Australia sues Volkswagen unit over alleged emissions fraud (BBC)
  • UK government needs stronger response to VW emissions scandal: committee (Reuters)
  • Oil glut to ease by 2017, clean energy investment to rise – IEA’s Birol (Reuters)
  • How sea ice is making the Southern Ocean less salty — and what that might mean for the rest of the world (Washington Post $)
  • Mexico, Canadian provinces agree to cooperate on carbon markets (Bloomberg)
  • Countries near agreement on opt-in start to airline carbon market (Carbon Pulse$)
  • Farmer’s son witnesses climate change in the Sunderbans, turns the island’s fate for the better (News18)
  • Kerry makes plea for enhanced Indian leadership on global stage (VOA News)
  • UK urged to ratify Paris climate deal by close of 2016 (Climate Home)
  • Bank of America, Reuters, foreign airlines fined by UK govt for EU ETS breaches (Carbon Pulse $)
  • UK’s poor electric car sales hit climate change targets (Financial Times $)
  • Senate calls on Coalition to rule out financing Adani’s Carmichael coalmine (Guardian)
  • Green Climate Fund needs ideas with low-carbon wow factor: ex-head (Thomson Reuters Foundation)
  • Silicor sees cost advantage in $1 billion Icelandic solar plant (Bloomberg)
  • Can we ever convince people to eat less meat? (BusinessGreen $)
  • Sri Lanka to sign Paris Agreement to minimize climate change (Business Standard)
  • A car made from tequila? Ford Motor Co says it’s good for the planet (Guardian)
  • Planting trees is a complicated way to stop climate change (ThinkProgress)
  • Liberia’s land law could protect forests, people and the climate (Motherboard)
  • Despite major melt, Arctic sea ice will miss record low (Climate Central)
  • Nuclear power plants prepare for old age (Nature)
  • Forests on the Tibetan plateau may be growing faster thanks to climate change (Popular Science)
  • Greenland fossils may be the earliest evidence of life on Earth (MashableAP)

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