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Hot News: October 12

By Climate Nexus

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Gore Stumps for Climate, Clinton: Climate change was the central focus of Hillary Clinton’s campaign stop in Miami, where she was joined by former Vice President Al Gore. The two discussed all aspects of the issue, from the climate science behind Hurricane Matthew to national security threats and net metering. “The world is on the cusp of either building on the progress and solving the climate crisis or stepping back and washing our hands of America’s traditional role as a leader,” Gore said. Donald Trump also campaigned in Florida yesterday where he criticized the Paris Agreement, claiming it would hurt the US economy. (News: Washington Post $, CNNMorning ConsultMiami HeraldBloombergGristABC NewsPoliticoThe HillThink ProgressNew York Times$, TIMEAPGuardianReutersWall Street Journal $, FortuneNew York Times$, Business InsiderUSA TodayPolitico Pro $. CommentaryUS News & World Report, Jeff Nesbit columnSlate, Richard L. Hasen op-edWashington Post, Chris Mooney analysis $; USA Today, Joanna Allhands column)

North Carolina Grapples with Flooding Chaos: Flooding across North Carolina continues in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, leaving thousands of people stranded in their homes or in shelters. Some rivers are still rising and Gov. Pat McCrory warned that conditions in central and eastern parts of the state remain “extremely dangerous.” The death toll has climbed to at least 18 in North Carolina and across the Southeast, more than 500,000 people remain without power. “Hurricane Matthew was likely more destructive because of climate change,” Hillary Clinton acknowledged in her Florida campaign speech. (NewsVoxReutersNew York Times $, NPRCNNGuardianWx ShiftWashington Post $, USA TodayABC NewsVOA NewsCommentary: Nexus Media, Jeremy Deaton columnNBC Philadelphia, Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz columnBackground: Climate Signals)

Energy Efficiency Gains Across the Globe: Energy efficiency policies led to a 1.8 percent drop in energy intensity — the amount of energy used per unit of GDP — last year, triple the average rate of decline over past decade. According to a new report by the International Energy Agency, the 35 developed nations tracked by the IEA saved $540 billion due to energy efficiency measures and enough energy to power Japan for a full year. China’s energy efficiency efforts in particular have been impressive: energy intensity declined by 30 percent in past 15 years, meaning the country’s energy savings are now equal its renewable energy supply. (NewsBloombergClean TechnicaGreentech MediaCommentary: ThinkProgress, Joe Romm column)

US News
  • Why it matters: energy (AP)
  • Why climate change divides us (Christian Science Monitor)
  • McConnell, Trump hesitate on coal miners’ pensions (AP)
  • Two GOP veterans vie for Energy and Commerce gavel (Politico Pro $)
  • Greatest skeptics of coal surge may be the miners themselves (Bloomberg)
  • Solar power is about to hit Texas generators where it hurts most (Bloomberg)
  • Obama aide: Little chance of carbon tax in near term (The HillPolitico Pro $)
  • Ahead of Peabody restructuring, environmentalists make push for end to self-bonds (Casper Star Tribune)
  • In Minnesota, coal still has its defenders — funded by North Dakota (Midwest Energy News)
  • Arizona draft order seeks shorter-term value of solar calculation (Utility Dive)
  • Beer batteries: Colorado researchers use brewery wastewater to produce electrodes (Utility Dive)
  • As walrus arrive, Alaska village tells visitors to stay away (AP)
  • Natural-gas prices heat up as oil drilling cools off (Wall Street Journal $)
  • Consensus’ on climate change: what that does and doesn’t mean (Christian Science Monitor)
  • Tesla softens capital-raise language in SolarCity filing (Bloomberg)
  • GE Boosts renewable-energy unit with $1.65 billion wind deal (Bloomberg)
  • Fossil fuel production emits more methane than previously thought, NOAA says (InsideClimate News)
  • Driverless cars, electric vehicles and mass transit could transform cities (Mashable)
  • Oso landslide lawsuit settled: Could climate change affect future cases? (Christian Science Monitor)
  • Study: Climate change may benefit California oysters, but there’s a catch (Capital Public Radio)
  • DTE says turbine bird, bat deaths not out of the ordinary (Huron Daily Tribune)
  • This New York restaurant takes a risk on meat alternatives—including new tomato tuna (Fast CoExist)
  • Elon Musk hits back at coal baron who called him a ‘fraud’ over green subsidies (Guardian)
  • Legal threat forces group to drop 4 lease-revocation bids (E&E News $)
  • Obama mentor-turned-foe Larry Tribe sought White House gig (Greenwire $)
  • Meat giant, Tyson Foods, is betting on meat alternatives going big. (Grist)
  • Climate impact of disputed Senate provision revised downward (E&E News $)

World News

  • UK loses top 10 spot in global energy ranking for the first time (Guardian)
  • Emerging climate accord could push A/C out of sweltering India’s reach (New York Times $)
  • Moroccan minister: COP22 won’t exclude parties that haven’t joined Paris deal (Politico Pro $)
  • Greenland is melting from above and below — and scientists say they’re connected (Washington Post $)
  • Green energy boom picks up speed even as investment stagnates (Bloomberg)
  • EU airline pollution curbs stay in the air until next year (Reuters)
  • As ice melts and seas rise, can endangered languages survive? (Grist)
  • Queensland can reach its 50% renewables target by 2030, say experts (Guardian)
  • UK minister dismisses threat of climate court battle (Climate Home)
  • BP sees oil demand growth swamping impact of electric cars (Bloomberg)
  • Denmark develops ‘super grass’ to cut cow burp emissions (BBC)
  • In 5 years, China could build more EV chargers than the rest of the world combined (Greentech Media)
  • Pilots say solar impulse tech can solve global warming (VOA News)
  • World’s largest mining company exploring solar plus storage potential (PV Magazine)
  • Coal-fired power stations: Senate committee to examine how best to close them (Guardian)
  • Clean coal: Firm claims world’s first commercially viable, zero-carbon power plant is ‘game changer’ (Independent)
  • Germany takes steps to roll back renewable energy revolution (Guardian)
  • As prices plunge, Africa surges into clean, cheap solar energy (Thomson Reuters Foundation)

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