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Hot News: November 3, 2016

By Climate Nexus

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Trump Promises $100B Savings by Climate Inaction: Donald Trump said cutting “wasteful” federal climate change spending would save $100 billion over eight years. According to Bloomberg, the Trump campaign derived the figure by combining the Obama administration’s expenses on climate-related programs, climate finance contributions and Trump’s estimates of future savings if climate policies were reversed. A White House report in 2014 warned that climate inaction could cost the US $150 billion a year if global warming passes the 3°C threshold. (News: Bloomberg BNACommentary: Fusion, Ari Phillips column)

Govt. Exploring DAPL Reroute: President Obama said the Army Corps of Engineers is considering alternative routes for the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline. This move was welcomed by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, which has been protesting the project for several months. Anti-fossil fuel groups continued to call on the government to reject the pipeline’s construction entirely. Drawing further national attention to pipeline safety concerns, the fire sparked by an explosion on Monday at the Colonial Pipeline in Alabama continues to burn, leading to a major spike in gas prices. (The HillThinkProgressMashablePolitico Pro $, Mother JonesTIMEReutersNPRHuffington PostIndependentWall Street Journal $, Fox NewsPBS NewshourCNNGuardianEnergyWire $)

Energy Giant Says Oil Peak Imminent: Royal Dutch Shell, the world’s second-biggest energy company by market value, said demand for oil could peak in the next five to 15 years, driven by efficiency and change in fuel use. This is at odds with other oil majors, which claim demand for oil will increase for decades. Fitch Ratings recently warned that growing electric vehicle demand could cause an “investor death spiral” for Big Oil. Tomorrow, top oil companies including Shell will reportedly announce a new investment fund for renewable energy technology development. (BloombergNew York Times $, The Times $, OilPrice)

US News
  • EPA reports say automakers hit emissions targets for 2015 vehicles, mpg rises (Politico Pro $, The Hill)
  • US wants no backsliding on Paris climate commitments (Politico)
  • Risk experts: Candidates not focusing on biggest threats (AP)
  • Imagining Donald Trump’s Energy Department: ‘It’s like an alternate reality’ (Greentech Media)
  • An election that steers clear of climate talk, during the warmest year ever (InsideClimate News)
  • Looking past vote, U.S. coal country sees millennials as key to revival (Reuters)
  • Who’s the greenest of them all? (Fox Business)
  • Why weather is unlikely to significantly affect this year’s election (Washington Post $)
  • Energy sector’s Trump card (Financial Times $)
  • Can Clinton win the iPhone generation with climate change? (ClimateWire $)
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus endorses Clinton, slams Trump over climate change (Entertainment Weekly)
  • Climate change on the ballot in race for TX-CD 21: Lamar Smith vs Tom Wakely (Texas Public Radio)
  • In hot House race, Democrat talks up climate change (Greenwire $)
  • Taking the temperature (WBEZ)
  • Solar wars draw millions in cash in threat to rooftop industry (Bloomberg)
  • Dems call for probe of company after Alabama pipeline blast (The Hill)
  • First Solar says panel price slide harming bookings (Reuters)
  • From Midwest to South, cities are basking in their warmest November days on record (Washington Post $)
  • Climate change is scarier than vampires — just ask Ian Somerhalder (GristWLRN)
  • How planting trees in cities can save thousands of lives (Washington Post $)
  • Sewage plants overlooked source of CO2 (Climate Central)
  • Solar companies are suing over Florida’s deceptive solar initiative (Think ProgressMiami Herald)
  • Inside the push to get fossil fuel money out of Massachusetts politics (Think Progress)
  • Business as usual? Bankrupt coal giant is still paying for DC lobbyists (McClatchy DC)
  • Water conservation improves in September, but regulators still concerned about some backsliders (LA Times $)
  • Steyer, oil companies spent big to lobby as California lawmakers weighed bills (Sacramento Bee)
  • Report: California needs to invest $5B in transmission to support renewables goals (Utility Dive)
  • California district set to save $250K per year with solar energy (Education Dive)
  • What if you could understand climate models better by eating them? (Grist)
  • America’s road trip: will the US ever kick the car habit? (Guardian)
  • Sod it: Californians turn back to grass lawns as drought shaming ebbs (Guardian)
  • How you can help Indigenous activists fight the Dakota Access Pipeline (Mashable)
  • Minnesota groups fear environmental shortcuts in Enbridge’s plan to rebuild faulty pipeline (InsideClimate News)
  • Colonial Pipeline plan to cut off dirty jet fuel could hit airlines (Reuters)
  • Feds to auction off Ohio’s only national forest to fracking (EcoWatch)
  • Finland considers ban on coal-fired power stations by 2030: Rehn (Reuters)
  • Seafood’s new normal (San Francisco Chronicle)
  • For nation’s most oil-dependent state, the bottom is deep (EnergyWire $)
  • Another big solar farm coming to Leeward Oahu (Pacific Business News)
  • Rocky Mountain Power’s Subscriber Solar program nearly sold out (Deseret News)

World News

  • Indigenous rights are key to preserving forests, climate change study finds (GuardianFusion)
  • Big question on climate crisis: How to inspire innovation (New York Times $)
  • UN: Huge emissions cuts needed to meet Paris climate goals (APReutersClimate HomeBusinessGreen $, Carbon BriefWashington Post $)
  • Pacific islands kick off global climate deal (Reuters)
  • Pollution accord is set for global flights, but tasks remain (New York Times $)
  • This year, the Antarctic has suddenly started to disappear (Fast CoExist)
  • Warm temps slow Arctic sea ice growth to a crawl (Climate Central)
  • Germany hits delay with climate-change plan ahead of U.N. meeting in Marrakesh (Wall Street Journal $)
  • Farmers’ unchecked crop burning fuels India’s air pollution (New York Times $)
  • Renewable energy grows in an unlikely place: the sunny Mideast (New York Times $)
  • Energy giants turn to drones and sensors in new embrace of the digital world (New York Times $)
  • Batteries that make use of solar power, even in the dark (New York Times $)
  • Egypt inks deals for $662 million of solar amid currency crunch (Bloomberg)
  • A global climate deal was reached. Next up is pollution monitoring. (New York Times $)
  • Climate promises can’t kill Asia’s coal addiction (Bloomberg)
  • Alberta moves to legislate oilsands CO2 cap (Carbon Pulse $)
  • Cut income, corporate taxes and make up difference with carbon tax says Chong (CBC News)
  • Energy security not about ‘locking in status quo’, says chief scientist (Guardian)
  • Africa’s “buyer’s remorse” over Paris climate deal (Climate Home)
  • Poo power: Dutch dairy industry launches €150m biogas project (Guardian)
  • How climate change could be breaking up a 200-million-year-old relationship (Washington Post $)
  • Lifting houses to escape Chennai floods (India Climate Dialogue)
  • Finland considers ban on coal-fired power stations by 2030: Rehn (Reuters)
  • The Arctic voyage that shouldn’t have been possible (Mashable)
  • India claims subsidy-free carbon capture, using UK-backed tech (Climate Home)
  • Alberta introduces bill to make oil sands emissions cap law (Reuters)
  • Diesel vehicles face charges after UK government loses air pollution case (Guardian)
  • Alberta gets C+ grade in national flood readiness report (CBC News)
  • Federal Parliament yet to ratify Paris Agreement ahead of Marrakech meeting (ABC Australia)
  • Coal price rise irrational, correction expected: official (XinhuaNet)
  • Scientists calculate carbon footprint of breakfast, lunch and dinner (UPI)
  • Direct Action paying polluters to avoid clearing land they would never have cleared – report (Guardian)
  • NASA’s Antarctic flyover reveals melting continent (NBC)
  • Climate change: Australia falling behind rest of world on emissions cuts, says report (Guardian)
  • A China bothered by pollution grabs global green bond lead (Bloomberg)
  • New South Wales unveils plan to reach zero emissions by 2050 (Guardian)

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