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Hot News: November 28, 2016

By Climate Nexus

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Cities Call For Climate Action: More than 35 mayors of cities in red and blue states penned an open letter to Trump asking for his partnership in leveraging funds for infrastructure to combat climate change, expanding renewable energy sources, and embracing the Paris Agreement. “We write today to ask for your partnership in our work to clean our air, strengthen our economy, and ensure that our children inherit a nation healthier and better prepared for the future than it is today,” mayors of cities including Los Angeles, Boston, New York City and Seattle wrote in the letter. (Good MagazinePolitico Pro $, San Francisco ChronicleE&E News $, Clean TechnicaPatchCBSSalt Lake Tribune)

As Feds Call for Standing Rock Site Closure, Trump’s Involvement Raises Eyebrows: The Army Corps of Engineers told the Standing Rock Sioux tribe that Dakota Access pipeline protesters must vacate the property after Dec 5, citing escalating violence and harsh winter conditions. Protesters have vowed not to leave the premises despite the order and the Army Corps has said it wouldn’t forcibly remove them. As a New York Times Sunday front page article investigates the potential global conflicts of interestwith Trump’s presidency and his businesses, including plans to build a flood-prevention sea wall for his Irish golf course, Trump’s holdings in the pipeline’s parent company, Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), have also garnered scrutiny, especially as it becomes clear that the conflict over the pipeline may extend into his administration. The AP reports that, according to the most recent federal disclosure forms filed in May, Trump has up to a $50,000 investment in ETP and up to a $250,000 investment in Phillips 66, which has a one-quarter share of Dakota Access. Trump’s camp told the Washington Postthat the president-elect sold the ETP shares this summer. (Army Corps: NBC NewsNew York Times $, CNNLA Times $, TIMEWashington Post $, Bismarck TribuneThe HillInsideClimate NewsNPREcoWatchMinnesota Public Radio NewsBuzzfeedTrump Finances: Washington Post $, APRTMicCommentary: New York Times editorial $; Intercept, Alleen Brown analysisVox, Alli Moran interview)

Arctic Melt Near Tipping Point: Rapid ice melt could permanently alter the Arctic ecosystem and trigger catastrophic events as far as the Indian Ocean if greenhouse gas emissions are left unchecked, according to a new Arctic Resilience Report. The five-year study identified 19 climate tipping points – which irreversibly alter ecosystems due to sudden or overwhelming change – that “can and have occurred” in the Arctic, including increased vegetation on the tundra that could cause more heat absorption, the collapse of important fisheries, and higher methane release. In mid-November, temperatures in the Arctic region reached 36°F (20°C) above normal. (News: GuardianIndependentWIREDChristian Science MonitorUPIPhys.orgCommentary: Virginian-Pilot editorial)

Trump UN Ambassador Pick, Space Policies Signal Trouble: The nomination of South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley as the US ambassador to the United Nations has heightened concerns about the US commitment to the Paris Agreement. While Haley has never explicitly stated her position on climate change, she was once accused of burying a State Department report on climate change impacts in South Carolina and came under fire for refusing to acknowledge the climate link to the state’s devastating floods last year.  She also opposed the Clean Power Plan. Meanwhile, Trump’s space policy advisor, Robert Walker, told the Guardian that the incoming administration plans to slash NASA Earth science research division in favor of deep space research, receiving strong pushback from the scientific community. (News: Politico Pro $, ThinkProgressBustlePopular ScienceBusiness InsiderGothamistWashington Post $, Huffington PostCommentary: The Conversation, James Dyke op-ed)

US News
  • Perils of climate change could swamp coastal real estate (New York Times $)
  • Trump has options for undoing Obama’s climate legacy (New York Times $, InsideClimate News)
  • Solar, wind industries hope years courting Republicans pays off under Trump (Reuters)
  • Trump’s promises will be hard to keep, but coal country has faith (New York Times $)
  • The Heartland Institute has a horrific holiday wish list for Trump (Grist)
  • Michigan’s biggest electric provider phasing out coal, despite Trump’s stance (MLive)
  • These devices will eat the smog Trump stokes with his coal boom (Bloomberg)
  • Despite a friendly White House, natural gas in for ‘rocky times’ (E&E News $)
  • More company climate votes ahead, as Trump may loosen energy rules (ReutersOilPrice)
  • Obama’s agencies push flurry of ‘midnight‘ actions (Politico)
  • Bloomberg says cities will fight climate change, with or without Trump (New York Times $)
  • Peabody debt dispute fizzles as coal prices rise (Reuters)
  • VW will no longer sell diesels in U.S., CEO says (Detroit News)
  • Trump seems ready to fight the world on climate change, and it could cost the U.S. (LA Times $)
  • Environmentalist praises Obama’s climate legacy (CNN)
  • NRG closes on SunEdison’s solar and wind projects (Greentech Media)
  • Trump faces dilemma as U.S. oil reels from record biofuels targets (Reuters)
  • Everglades mangroves might hold billion-dollar fix for climate change (Miami Herald)
  • Where marijuana plants flourish under energy-saving LED lights (New York Times$)
  • Trump is a ‘game changer’ for auto industry, Fiat CEO says (Bloomberg)
  • Solar power store highlights bright potential for clean energy (LA Times $)
  • Eat those turkey leftovers, reduce greenhouse gases (Climate Central)
  • What a warmer future means for southeastern wildfires (Climate Central)
  • Trump says that the wind is a ‘very deceiving thing’ (Mashable)
  • Anti-Elon Musk campaign has big ties to Big Energy (EcoWatch)
  • Hundreds of tufted puffin deaths suggest dangers of warming seas (Audubon Magazine)
  • On Virginia’s vulnerable coast, fear of flooding on the rise (AP)
  • Donald Trump’s outlook on climate change could help economy, Alabama expert says (Al Alabama)
  • Women in science pledge to fight ‘destructive Trump sentiment’ (Newsweek)
  • Donald Trump has promised to deregulate poison and pollution — with a new Supreme Court justice, he probably will (Salon)
  • Environmental groups brace to fight Trump over climate change (McClatchy DC)
  • The next fashion trend: Weather forecasting (Wall Street Journal $)
  • Green groups urge Obama admin to act before Trump takes office (The Hill)
  • Upstate NY towns embroiled in fight over tall wind turbines (AP)
  • EPA puts ethanol back on track, hands off to Trump (Politico Pro $)
  • City eyes key permit for oil terminal on Washington coast (AP)

World News

  • EU requires pension funds to assess climate change risks (Reuters)
  • Canada pipeline opponents ready to take on Kinder Morgan, Ottawa (Reuters)
  • China risks wasting $490bn on new coal plants, say campaigners (AFPBloomberg)
  • BlackRock’s environmental voting record attacked (Financial Times $)
  • The ominous story of Syria’s climate refugees (Scientific American $)
  • Duterte threatens anew to withdraw PHL from Paris Agreement (GMA Network)
  • Finland reveals plans to wipe out coal use by 2030 (Business Green $)
  • COP22: Climate finance pushed back to 2018 (EurActiv)
  • The coming revolution in transport (The Economist $)
  • This island is now powered almost entirely by solar energy (Washington Post $, Guardian)
  • Is this the beginning of the end for coal? (Guardian)
  • Government defends coal industry ahead of UNESCO report on reef (Guardian)
  • As the Aedes aegypti mosquito spreads globally, so does the risk of epidemics (Washington Post $)
  • Taiwan to spend $56bn on renewable energy (Nikkei Asian Review)
  • Protected forests in Europe felled to meet EU renewable targets – report (Guardian)
  • Peru farmer sues German energy giant over climate change (Telesurv TV)
  • Huge glacier retreat triggered in 1940s (BBCWashington Post $)
  • Displaced refugees fear more loss as Lake Chad shrinks (Al Jazeera)
  • Air pollution ’causes 467,000 premature deaths a year in Europe’ (BBC)
  • Rio Tinto CEO didn’t see coal price going up, but expects it to fall (Reuters)
  • The Climate Trust secures first $5.5 million for US land-based offset fund (Carbon Pulse $)
  • Southern Africa cries for help as El Niño and climate change savage maize harvest (Guardian)
  • How green banks could save the world (Motherboard)
  • Renewables levy cap on consumer energy bills ‘exceeded by £1bn’ (Guardian)
  • Government accused of ‘dirty tricks’ over controversial fracking report (Guardian)
  • Shell CEO expects no valuation hit from climate accord (Reuters)
  • Wildfires tear across drought-stricken parts of Peru (Reuters)
  • India’s Adani to spend $300 mln on two solar plants in Australia (Reuters)
  • Watch record-breaking Hurricane Otto transit Central America, eye intact (Washington Post $)
  • Czech firm makes unusual bet on coal power plants (Wall Street Journal $)
  • Solar-panel roads to be built on four continents next year (Bloomberg)
  • As envoys bicker, it’s time to focus on real climate action (Climate Home)
  • EU needs clean transport drive to meet climate goals: IDDRI (Climate Home)
  • As warming seas menace fish, communities seek ways to stay afloat (Thomson Reuters Foundation)
  • Canada plans new fuel rules, aims 30-megatonne emissions cut by 2030 (Reuters)
  • Environmental challenge to Carmichael coalmine dismissed by Supreme Court (AP)
  • France’s Fabius confused by Trump statements on climate (AP)
  • Heathrow third runway ‘may break government’s climate change laws’ (PA)
  • Electricity from coal should be phased out in Australia – Senate report (Guardian)
  • Climate change ‘threatens Thai fight against illegal fishing’ (Reuters)
  • Thirsty Somalis trek 60 km for water as drought and conflict bite (Thomson Reuters Foundation)
  • Nigeria’s ‘superminister’ struggles to keep the lights turned on (Financial Times$)
  • Government receive melting ice from Christian climate activists (Blue & Green Tomorrow)

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