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Hot News: November 1, 2016

By Climate Nexus

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Roadmap to Resilience: The US government spent over $357 billion in the past decade responding to extreme weather events and wildfires, and the financial risks associated with these disasters will continue to soar in the coming decades. A new White House report highlights the progress made by the current administration on building climate resilience and opportunities for the future. The Obama administration also announcedtwo new initiatives aimed at engaging stakeholders on resilience planning and training future professionals. (Huffington PostThe HillWashington Examiner)

Air Pollution Hurts Millions of Kids: Air pollution is responsible for the deaths of 600,000 children under the age of five annually, a new UNICEF report shows. Around 300 million children, or one in seven worldwide, live in areas with air pollution levels at least six times higher than WHO guidelines. In South Asia alone, over 620 million children live in areas where air pollution poses long-term health risks, such as respiratory diseases and brain damage. (TIMENPRAl JazeeraIB Times $, MashableChristian Science MonitorThe Hill)

Fossil Fuels Replacing Retired Nuclear, For Now: Natural gas and coal capacity are largely replacing retiring nuclear plants, though this is likely is a short-term trend. The 2015 World Nuclear Industry Status Report projects that renewables will ultimately be the dominant replacement choice. The Fort Calhoun nuclear plant, for example, recently became the fifth in Nebraska to retire in the last five years, and the state is projected to add 420 megawatts of wind and natural gas capacity over next two years. In China, the $9 billion nuclear investment in 2014 was far exceeded by $83 billion of wind and solar. (Greentech Media)

US News
  • Study blames low 2015 western snowpack on high temperatures (AP)
  • North Dakota oil pipeline battle: Who’s fighting and why (New York Times $)
  • Jay Faison’s expensive, maddening quest to save the planet (and the GOP) (Bloomberg)
  • Everyone is talking about the Dakota Access Pipeline except Clinton and Trump (Fusion)
  • Regulators reissue proposed rule on private flood insurance (Politico Pro $)
  • SolarCity political group Save Our AZ Solar might face campaign fine (AZ Central)
  • If Clinton wins, the next energy secretary might be the current one (Buzzfeed)
  • A Colorado bank offers a powerful case study for supporting solar in low-moderate income communities (Greentech Media)
  • Chicago teens explore climate resilience (Great Lakes Echo)
  • 5 unanswered questions after Tesla’s big solar roof and battery announcement (Utility Dive)
  • G.E. to combine oil and gas business with Baker Hughes (New York Times $)
  • A dramatic split could doom the nation’s first state carbon tax (GristThinkProgress)
  • DiCaprio’s ‘Before the Flood’ explores a different inconvenient truth: Human nature (Fusion)
  • Coal no longer king for Iowa utilities (The Gazette)
  • From Halloween to Election Day, abnormally warm weather to dominate U.S. (Washington Post $)
  • Listen to 58 years of climate change in one minute (PBS)
  • How activists are using Facebook check-in to help Dakota access pipeline protesters (TIME)
  • Too much heat, not enough snow (NBC)
  • California’s electric-car rebates jump for lower-income buyers and vanish for more high earners (LA Times $)
  • Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump supporters feel very differently about fossil fuels (Huffington Post)
  • ExxonMobil’s financial reporting under scrutiny (Financial Times $)
  • Kamenetz vetoes moratorium on rural solar farms (Baltimore Sun)
  • Cloud Peak to resume Asian exports showing hope of coal revival (Casper Star Tribune)

World News

  • In rare move, China criticizes Trump plan to exit climate change pact (ReutersWall Street Journal $)
  • Global carbon intensity falls, on declining coal use (Climate Home)
  • Saudi Arabia to ratify Paris climate deal before Marrakech talks (Climate Home)
  • Backers of Paris climate pact play down Trump threat to deal as election looms (Thomson Reuters Foundation)
  • Russia does not plan to ratify Paris Agreement on climate earlier than 2020 — minister (Manilla Bulletin)
  • Pope’s beatitudes highlight care for environment and outsiders (Wall Street Journal $)
  • As water dries up, West Bank village thirsts for a less precarious supply (Reuters)
  • Vietnam rice industry faces threat from climate change, Mekong Dams (VOA News)
  • Geoengineering to alter climate moves closer to reality (Bloomberg)
  • Sharks equipped to handle climate change (Post and Courier)
  • BP’s aviation division gets carbon neutral status (Energy Live News)
  • Climate sceptics widen their net to claim all science – from medicine to physics to computing – is ‘in deep trouble’ (Independent)
  • India: solar installs outstrip wind in FY 2016 to date (PV Magazine)
  • Rich countries are still pushing dirty energy on poor ones (TakePart)
  • Commonwealth drives strategies to put climate-change into reverse (Guardian)
  • Will climate champion Carney stay at the Bank of England? (Climate Home)
  • The oil detox: these companies are using yeast to wean us off fossil fuels (Guardian)
  • Growth of residential solar power slowed by ‘zero incentive’ for renters (CBC News)
  • Polar vortex shifting due to climate change, extending winter, study finds (Washington Post $)
  • Nepal drains dangerous glacial lake near Mount Everest (AFP)v

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