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Hot News: January 5, 2016

By Climate Nexus

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NOAA Vindicated, Deniers Look Dumb: New research has confirmed that there was no global warming “pause” in the mid-2000s, validating the work of government scientists and squashing a favorite argument of climate change deniers. In July of 2015, NOAA released a paper correcting some of its data on ocean temperatures and suggesting a larger range of warming since 2000. Deniers seized the opportunity to accuse the agency of altering data for political purposes, and the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, led by the famously science-averse Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX), filed a subpoena for all communications on the study. However, a new analysis published yesterday in Science Advances independently confirms the “cool bias” in NOAA’s previous data and supports the assertion that the planet is warming consistently. (Washington Post$, APInsideClimate NewsHuffington PostPBSArs TechnicaThe VergeScientific American. Commentary: The Guardian, John Abraham analysisThe Atlantic, Robinson Meyer analysisThinkProgress, Sam Page analysis)

Obama Coal & Methane Rules In GOP Crosshairs: The GOP will prioritize eliminating Obama’s recent regulations on coal mining near streams and rules to reduce methane emissions in the new session, party leaders confirmed this week. Speaker Kevin McCarthy called the methane and coal regulations “limits to our energy production” in a Wednesdayspeech on the House floor, and told reporters Tuesday night that the stream rule is the “highest priority” for elimination. Killing these regulations are part of a larger move by Republicans to utilize the Congressional Review Act, which would allow Congress to block some of Obama’s last-minute executive actions. (Washington Post $, APPolitico Pro$, The HillE&E $, Morning Consult)

China’s Renewables Bonanza: China will invest 2.5tn yuan, or $361 billion, into renewable energy by 2020, the country’s energy agency announced Thursday. The agency estimates the move will create over 13 million jobs and put the country on track to sourcing 15% of its energy from renewables by the end of the decade. The announcement comes as smog, largely caused by coal pollution, engulfs Beijing, closing down highways and causing visibility of less than 50m in some areas. (Investments: ReutersHuffington PostClimate Home. Smog: ReutersNBC.)

The Climate Movement’s Diversity Problem: The lack of diversity in the environmental movement will impede climate action in Trump’s America, two op-eds published this week argue. Charles Ellison’s essay in The Root points to the problem of a “green ceiling” of representation of people of color in climate organizations and conversations, while four professors from the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication write in Quartz that the environmental movement, “designed by and for a white, upper-middle-class demographic,” has “failed” communities of color. Both pieces call for the movement to embrace efforts led and designed by people of color, and to endorse policies that meet the needs of communities affected by environmental racism. (Commentary: The RootQuartz)

US News
  • Rex Tillerson cuts ties with Exxon Mobil in advance of confirmation hearings (NPRPoliticoThe Hill)
  • Tillerson backed Paris climate deal during meeting, Cardin says (Politico Pro $)
  • The Republicans who want Trump to fight climate change (The Atlantic)
  • Tesla flips the switch on the Gigafactory (BloombergUSAToday)
  • Quirk may shield US coast during busy hurricane seasons (APTIMENPR)
  • GOP aims to rein in liberal cities (The Hill)
  • Falcons, drones, data: A winery battles climate change (New York Times $)
  • Carper presses Pruitt on host of EPA issues (Politico Pro $)
  • Secretary of State John F. Kerry’s exit memo is filled with policies that Trump could undo (Washington Post $)
  • Oil lobby bullish on Trump, GOP Congress (The Hill)
  • California enlists Eric Holder to defend against Trump (APWall Street Journal $)
  • Putting a dollar sign on the damage Alaska faces due to climate change (Ars Technica)
  • Interior releases California water roadmap as key decisions loom (Politico Pro $)
  • Californians saved less water in November than previous year, water board report says (LA Times $)
  • U.S. had more floods in 2016 than any year on record (USA Today)
  • Obama’s energy legacy in the West could outlast the Trump administration (Wired)
  • Obama: the ocean president (The Atlantic)
  • Miner benefits bill quickly resurfaces (Greenwire $)
  • Environmental journalists have a new beat: Coping with climate disaster (Poynter)
  • Thinking globally, suing locally: Chelsea activists join fight against Exxon Mobil (Boston Globe $)
  • Faraday Future vows to defy skeptics with its first production EV (Greentech Media)
  • Wilde Lake Middle in Columbia becomes Maryland’s first ‘net-zero energy’ school (Baltimore Sun)
  • 17 arrested during sit-in to demand Cuomo include climate protections in budget (Politico Pro NY $)
  • Judith Curry retires, citing ‘craziness’ of climate science (E&E News $)
  • Court delays appeal over Obama’s fracking rule (The Hill)
  • Washington state denies lease permit for proposed coal export terminal (ThinkProgress)
  • Bill Nye and Netflix team up to ‘Save the World’ (EcoWatch)
  • Why more frequent hurricanes may also be less damaging (Pacific Standard)
  • Endangered species under GOP? Climate change information on the web (Pro Publica)
  • SunEdison settles contract fight to help close $150 mln sale (Reuters)
  • 17 arrested during sit-in to demand Cuomo include climate protections in budget (Politico Pro NY $)
  • API’s Gerard hammers ‘keep it in the ground’ groups (Politico Pro $)
  • Signs of climate change hit Great Lakes (NCPR)
  • Concern over climate change fueled meatless movement in 2016 (Central Maine)

World News

  • Scientists say the global ocean circulation may be more vulnerable to shutdown than we thought (Washington Post $)
  • China to invest £292bn in renewable power by 2020 (GuardianReuters)
  • Renewables investment in UK will fall 95% over next three years – study (Guardian)
  • Israel harnessing sunshine with world’s tallest solar tower (AP)
  • Carbon tax means Alberta drivers no longer pay cheapest at pump (Bloomberg)
  • Record-breaking extreme weather in Australia in 2016 devastates ecosystems (Guardian)
  • France ready to save nuclear group Areva whoever wins presidency (Reuters)
  • Carbon tax means Alberta drivers no longer pay cheapest at pump (Bloomberg)
  • Climate science is skewed to rich country interests, say researchers (Climate Home)
  • On Islamabad’s bike lanes, residents pedal towards a greener city (Reuters)
  • Into the abyss: oil states face turmoil as climate policies bite (Climate Home)
  • This map reveals where your purchases hurt endangered species the most (TIME)

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