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Grace Galletti: Why I Support a Price on Carbon

By Put A Price On It

By Grace Galletti, #PutAPriceOnIt Fellow

I truly experienced climate change for the first time my junior year of high school. I had lived in Paris my whole life, and that year high schools all over the city cancelled gym classes outside because of high pollution levels. Before then, my dad had briefly brought up the subject of sustainable development through solar panels or electric bikes. It was a distant concept to me, until it happened in my home. At that moment, I realized the extent of climate change. No one could escape its reach.

Since then, I have worked on raising awareness and finding solutions to climate change. But as one person, what I achieve will never be enough. We need to work together to rise above what I believe to be the biggest challenge humans have ever faced. To me, climate change is a reminder that the world is so much bigger and more complex than we can imagine. But we also can’t forget that humans have achieved incredible feats. We have sent people into space, built beautiful monuments and works of art, decoded the human genome, created the internet, and so much more.

Climate change is yet another challenge that we must overcome. So many people have already joined the environmental movement and invented new technologies to curb emissions. I am confident that we can surmount climate change as long as we stay true to who we are. However, the longer we wait, the more we are putting ourselves at risk. Together, we need to act now to implement solutions for climate change. We can start by putting a price on carbon to impede CO2 emissions from entering our atmosphere.

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