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Climate Change a Central Issue at March for Science

By Maggie Badore

The March for Science route in NYC passed in front of Trump International Hotel.

Today at hundreds of locations around the globe, science supporters gathered under the banner of March for Science. Participants were moved by a diverse range of motivations, from protesting Trump’s budgets cuts to federal science programs, to promoting science education in school curriculum, to advocating for more diversity in the sciences. Protesting climate climate change denial was also a major motivation for many people joining the day’s events.

March for Science NYC

At the March for Science event in Washington, D.C. a number of speakers called for the need to use science-based evidence to inform policy, particularly to solve climate change. “Never before have we needed science more to deal with a changing climate,” said climate scientist Michael Mann.

“Did America somehow vote to melt the polar ice caps, kill the coral reefs and acidify the oceans?” Asked Denis Hayes, one of the coordinators of the first Earth Day. The D.C. crowd shouted “NO!” in response. He spoke out against climate deniers in the White House and Congress. “We are racing towards a climate cliff, and our coal-loving President is punching the accelerator.”

Many protesters carried climate-themed signs, art and props. At the March for Science in New York City, which passed in front of one of Trump’s hotels, protesters chanted, “climate change is not a hoax!”


March for Science NYC

“We need science,” said Christy Goldfuss, of the Center for American Progress at the D.C. rally. “That is how we will answer the question of whether we can save the wild salmon runs in the Pacific Northwest, that is how we will determine if we will stop bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef, and how we will find the keys to protect our oceans, and all of us, from the worst impacts of climate change.”

You can watch all of the D.C. rally here. More photos from the March for Science in New York City below.