Boiling The Frog - The Years Project

Boiling The Frog

By The YEARS Project

Brought to you by Years of Living Dangerously and Funny Or Die.

Episode 1

Senator Franken talks about climate change by making an analogy: an overweight heavy smoker wants to find a doctor who will tell him he doesn’t have to change his lifestyle at all. The question is, just who is this doctor?

Episode 2

Senator Franken tells David Letterman about who is behind a lot of the inaction in Washington on climate change. He calls them “Siegfried” and “Roy,” and they have Franken’s Republican colleagues running scared. Who are these guys?

Episode 3

Senator Franken wants Letterman to hear about a real solution to climate change. Behind Franken’s senate office door is just the man to explain it. Hint: he’s from “Little Rhody.”

Episode 4

Senator Franken is impressed that Letterman went to India to find out what the Indians are doing about climate change. But he also wonders, “Dave, when you were in India, why did you seem so stupid?”

Episode 5

Senator Franken and Letterman take on Trump for having no idea why coal jobs are really disappearing in the U.S. Then Franken takes on Letterman for using the word ‘igneous.’

Episode 6

Senator Franken learns that Letterman’s prodigious beard is actually a powerful weapon in the struggle to control carbon emissions.