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Alexander Kendig: Why I Support a Price On Carbon

By Put A Price On It

By Alexander Kendig, #PutAPriceOnIt Fellow


I am frequently told in my university classes that anthropogenic climate change is the most important issue of our time, and that we must address it now to mitigate its countless negative effects. Out of context, this call to action blends into the dizzying universe of important issues our global society has yet to tackle, but then again, there is no “out of context.” Climate change all-too-literally affects everything. From the condition of our global economy, to the condition of a coastal house’s front yard, to the health of our biosphere, nothing is immune to the damaging effects of a quickly changing climate. This knowledge is daunting, and sometimes depressing, but it is ultimately what compels me to continue fighting for climate justice.

I am constantly inspired by the work of passionate individuals, but I know our true strength lies in our ability to collaborate with one another. Together, I know we can mitigate climate change’s negative effects. With greater environmental education, more informed purchasing of products, and a price on carbon, we can ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy the same beautiful world we currently do. Surely, they will appreciate our efforts to #PutAPriceOnIt.

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