Michelle Smith


About Michelle Smith

Michelle Smith is an environmentalist.  She has five children and sees the world’s issues from a mother’s public-health perspective.  Her key motivation is to maintain or improve the present condition of the Earth so that every living thing has abundant clean water, uncontaminated soil, and natural habitat to continue healthfully existing.

Michelle is an American citizen.  In 2007 she moved to Singapore, where she volunteered as a docent and docent-trainer for the Asian Civilisations Museum.  As part of her work for the museum, Michelle visited many indigenous tribes in Southeast Asia.  There she was introduced to the work that World Wildlife Fund, Nature Conservancy, and Conservation International were doing to preserve our oceans and the world’s remaining primary forests.  From witnessing these things first-hand, she became an active supporter for protecting our oceans and our forests.

In 2012 Michelle relocated to England where her environmental focus broadened to include the need to address climate change immediately.   She encourages positive US policy decisions through support of the Sierra Club.  She hopes to educate as many people as possible about the reality of climate change through support of The Years of Living Dangerously project.

Michelle is an advocate for socially responsible investing.  She believes investors have the ability to influence companies by encouraging a robust sustainable corporate agenda.

Michelle is the President of the English Experience division of the American Women of Surrey, UK.  She sits on the Parents Council for the Northfield Mount Hermon School in Massachusetts, US.

Michelle holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Massachusetts and a Juris Doctor from Suffolk University Law School.