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It’s important for me to have hope because that’s my job as a parent, to have hope, for my kids, that we’re not going to leave them in a world that’s in shambles, that’s a chaotic place, that’s a dangerous place.

James Cameron

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James Cameron is an acclaimed film-maker and explorer. As director, writer and producer, he is responsible for some of the most memorable films of the past three decades: The Terminator, Aliens, The Abyss, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, True Lies, Titanic and Avatar.

Avatar currently holds both the domestic and worldwide box office records having grossed over $2.7 billion at the global box office, beating the previous record holder, his own film Titanic, which held that record for 12 years. They remain the only two movies to gross more than $2 billion worldwide. Cameron’s films have also earned numerous nominations and awards, most notably Titanic’s 14 Academy Award® nominations (a record) and 11 Oscars® (the most any movie has received), including Cameron’s own 3 Oscars® for Best Picture, Best Direction and Best Editing. Avatar won the Golden Globe® for Best Director and Best Picture. It was nominated for 9 Academy Awards® and won 3.

Over the last 15 years Cameron developed cutting edge 3D camera systems for movies and documentaries, as well as for broadcast sports and special events. He was at the vanguard of the 3D renaissance that has transformed the movie industry in recent years. He also developed unprecedented deep ocean exploration vehicles, lighting and 3D camera equipment. Cameron has led 8 deep ocean expeditions, during which he has personally logged over 80 submersible dives, including 33 to the wreck of Titanic. These expeditions resulted in a number of acclaimed documentaries, including Ghosts of the Abyss¸ Expedition Bismark, and Aliens of the Deep. Most recently, Cameron led his eighth deep ocean expedition to some of the deepest trenches in the world. His engineering team spent seven years building a unique manned submersible, the Deepsea Challenger, capable of diving to the ocean’s greatest depths. On March 26, 2012, Cameron made a record-breaking solo dive to the earth’s deepest point in the Challenger Deep (in the Mariana Trench), successfully setting a depth record of 35,787’, or nearly 7 miles (11 kilometers.)

National Geographic will release a 3D feature documentary chronicling that adventure, called Deepsea Challenge, later this year. Cameron is a National Geographic Explorer in Residence, and recipient of their most prestigious award, the Hubbard Medal. He is also passionately involved in sustainability issues, working with several NGO’s on climate change, energy policy, deforestation, indigenous rights, ocean conservation, sustainable agriculture and the impact of our food choices on the environment.

He is currently in preproduction for Avatar 2, 3, and 4, and will begin production on those films in late 2014.

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