Thank the Western Leaders Network

Thank these leaders for fighting for methane limits!

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Earlier this week, a group of public officials from Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah and the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe sent a letter urging Congress to save Bureau of Land Management rules that limit pollution from the oil and gas sector operations on public lands. You can read the letter here.

These leaders argue the rules do a lot of good things: reduce waste, ensure a fair return to taxpayers, help clean up the air and create jobs. That’s a lot of reasons to keep the rules.

Let’s thank the Western Leaders Network for their good work, by emailing them a note to You can write something like this:
Dear Members of the Western Leaders Network, 

Thank you for your leadership in standing up for the Bureau of Land Management’s commonsense rules to limit methane pollution and prevent taxpayers’ resources from being wasted. I hope your representatives will listen to your recommendations.

Or tweet something like this:
Thank you @WestLeaders for standing up for commonsense methane rules! Read their letter to Senators:

If you haven’t already, call your senators about the rules too. More info here.