Support the Kids Suing Trump

Here are some different ways you can lend your support to this historic climate lawsuit.


A group of young people is suing President Trump and his administration for its position on climate change. The plaintiffs of Juliana v. U.S. argue that a stable climate is a fundamental right, and that the federal government is violating that right by failing to address climate change.

The administration is fighting back, by trying to prevent the young people from getting their day in court. This week, act on climate by supporting Our Children’s Trust, the nonprofit backing the plaintiffs. Here are some different ways you can lend your support:

Volunteer: Share your time or expertise, find out more here.

Donate: Your donations help cover the legal costs of the case.

Sign the Petition: Show your support by signing the petition at the button below.

Spread the word: Follow @Youthvgov on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Consider sharing our video about the case too.