Join the global strike to demand climate action.


The global climate strike on September 20 is set to be one of the biggest organized days of climate action ever. This global movement started with young people demanding a better future, and now they are calling on adult allies to join them. Students will be walking out of school, and workers will be walking out of their jobs. 

If you haven’t already, find your local event and RSVP. If there’s no strike happening near you, you still have time to organize one. 

Even if you can’t join the strike for the entire day, organizers are encouraging people to join for their lunch break. Or look to see if there are other events during the Week of Action that you can join, including next Friday. 

If you can’t join in person, consider posting about your support online, donating, and encouraging and supporting the kids and adults who are able to participate in person. This movement isn’t just about bodies in the street, it’s also about speaking out about the crisis we’re facing and building a community of people who are ready to solve it.

So please, join us.