Stand with the #ClimateStrike

Join or support the global youth movement pushing for climate action.

All around the world, students are skipping school to take a stand about climate change. Just last week, tens of thousands of students took to the streets demanding their governments take action to cut pollution in keeping with the goals of the Paris Agreement.

There are a number of climate strikes happening around the world, find out how you can join or support one. There are several major environmental organizations supporting the climate strikes, but most are being organized on a local level in a decentralized way.

Many of the events are listed at the button below, but there are more in the works. So, a good way look for other actions near you is to search “#FridaysForFuture” or “#ClimateStrike” + your hometown on the search engine or social media site of your choice. If you can’t participate in person, remember that sharing your support online is also a great way to spread the message (consider sharing this video).

Also, mark your calendar: A major climate protest is being planned for March 15th.

Photo: Jörg Farys / WWF