Keep This Coal Lobbyist Out of the EPA

Ask your senators to reject Andrew Wheeler for the no. 2 job at the Environmental Protection Agency.

During his election campaign, Donald Trump promised to “drain the swamp” by getting people with close industry ties and conflicts of interest out of government positions. However, he’s done just the opposite, and former coal-lobbyist Andrew Wheeler is another example.

President Trump nominated Wheeler to the second-highest job at the Environmental Protection Agency. He was once a staffer for James Inhofe, one of the Senate’s most vocal climate deniers. While awaiting the EPA nomination, Wheeler helped grease the wheels of his appointment by donating thousands of dollars to the senators who would be responsible for confirming his expected post. If approved, Wheeler would be in charge of regulating his former clients, including the largest privately held coal company in the U.S.

Sounds pretty swampy. This week, act on climate by urging your senators to reject Wheeler’s nomination. Tell them his lobbying work creates a clear conflict of interest, and that the Environmental Protection Agency needs someone who can do their job free of bias.

Photo: Phil Roeder