Help solve climate change by choosing produce grown close to home.


Now that summer is officially here, summer produce offers a fresh and delicious way to help fight climate change. When you choose foods that are grown close to home, you’re avoiding products that have a heavy carbon footprint associated with long-haul shipping and refrigeration.

Now, we know the modern food system is complicated–and that most people aren’t about to give up coffee and chocolate because they don’t happen to live in the tropics. And the carbon footprint of food involves more than just the miles it traveled. However, eating local fruits and veggies when they’re available is nonetheless a sustainable choice.

More and more grocery stores are highlighting local produce, but the best place to find local foods is at your nearest farmer’s market. When you shop at the farmer’s market, it gives you the opportunity to talk with producers about all their sustainability practices, like chemical pesticide or fertilizer use. Plus, it’s easier to find the freshest foods, making this climate change solution tasty at the same time.