Eat Less Beef, More Plants

Beef production is responsible for a lot of greenhouse gases. This week, cut back with these easy swaps.

Of all the foods humans eat, beef is one of the biggest contributors to climate change. Not only do cows consume a lot of resources and are a source of methane (a potent greenhouse gas), there’s also a huge amount forest area that’s cut down to make way for cattle ranches every years. Forests absorb CO2. When they’re cut down, they release carbon into the atmosphere.

This week, shrink your personal carbon footprint by eating meals made with plants instead of beef. Not only do many grocery stores now offer plant-based alternatives to things like burgers and ground beef, but there are also lots of great recipes you can make yourself at home. Below are some ideas and recipe links to get you started:

If, for whatever reason, you already don’t eat beef, thank you for doing your part! Consider sharing one of the recipes above with someone you know who might be open eating less meat, or cooking up your favorite vegetarian dishes to share.