Cut Down on Disposable Plastic

In honor of the theme of this Earth Day, look for ways to use fewer single-use plastic items.

The Earth Day Network has made stopping plastic pollution the theme of this year’s Earth Day, which is Sunday, April 22. With that in mind, consider how you can cut down on single-use plastics for our Weekly Action.

So, what’s the connection between plastic waste and climate change?

The objects we use in our everyday life have embedded emissions: the energy it took to manufacture that product. Every year, the plastics industry emits tens of millions of tons of carbon just to produce disposable plastic. You can help reduce this by taking small steps to cut down on single-use plastic, like bringing your own shopping bag or refilling a water bottle (get more easy ideas here).

Yes, recycling helps and you should do it, but over 90 percent of plastic doesn’t get recycled globally and recycling still requires energy. So, the most climate-friendly option is to avoid using disposable plastic when possible.

Photo: zeevveez