Ask Your State Attorney General To Hold Exxon Accountable

Urge your state to join the lawsuits against the oil company for misleading the public about climate change.

Last week, a trial against ExxonMobil began in New York, while Massachusetts announced its own suit against the company. Both states allege that the oil giant committed fraud by misleading the public about its own climate liabilities. 

This week, take action on climate by urging your state’s Attorney General to join the fight. Look up their contact info below, and consider writing something like this: 

I’m a [YOUR STATE] resident and I’m very concerned about climate change. I do not think we would be facing the crisis we have today if fossil fuel companies had shared what they knew about the science of global warming with the public. That’s why I’d like to urge you to join the states of New York and Massachusetts in holding ExxonMobil accountable. Thank you.

You can find your state’s AG at the button below. 

If you live in New York or Massachusetts, consider writing a thank-you note to your Attorney General for her work. You can contact Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey here and New York Attorney General Letitia James here

Photo: Mike Mozart