Ask Jamie Dimon To Stop Funding Fossil Fuels

Call or write the CEO of JPMorgan Chase before the shareholder meeting on Tuesday.

Tuesday is JPMorgan Chase’s Annual General Meeting, which is the bank’s most important shareholder meeting of the year. Over the last few years, climate activists have asked Chase to align its business model with the Paris Agreement and stop violating indigenous rights. They’ve also pushed to get climate denier Lee Raymond kicked off the board

This year, we can’t go out and protest outside the meeting, but we can still get CEO Jamie Dimon’s attention by flooding his phone and inbox with calls and messages asking him to take climate action. So, this Monday or Tuesday, take a few moments to call or write. 

Call: 212-270-1111

Call Script: “I’m calling because I want to ask that JPMorgan Chase aligns its business model with the Paris Agreement goals of limiting global warming to below 1.5 degrees. I hope that JPMorgan Chase will phase out all business with the fossil fuel industry.”

After you call, please consider filling out this survey to let us know how it went

You can also send Jamie Dimon a personal email urging him to end the bank’s funding of the climate crisis. Jamie Dimon’s email addresses are: and

Photo: Steve Jurvetson