Ask Congress to Protect California’s Rights to Clean Air

The EPA is contemplating taking away California’s right to regulate the emissions of vehicles sold in the state.

Last week, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler announced plans to freeze fuel efficiency standards for new vehicles. He also said the agency wants “a 50-state solution,” which means the EPA could overturn California’s right to make its own air quality rules to fight smog. Twelve other states and D.C. also follow California’s standards, which mandate that new vehicles pollute less than the levels permitted by federal laws.

This week, we can act on climate by asking our senators and representatives to stand up for California’s right to create stricter clean air standards.

When you call, it’s always good to make a personal connection to the issue. But if you need some help with what to say when you call, you can use this script:

“Hello. I’m a voter from [YOUR TOWN] and I’m calling to ask [NAME OF YOUR REPRESENTATIVE OR SENATOR] to oppose efforts that would take away California’s right to fight smog under the Clean Air Act, and any efforts to freeze fuel efficiency standards.”

You can also sign the petition below from Climate Hawks Vote.