Explore how heat waves and rising temperatures—as a result of climate change—cause death, disease, and illness.

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Increasing average temperatures and extreme heat waves driven by global warming are already affecting many different facets of our lives, from agricultural productivity to the spread of diseases. In our series we explore how warmer temperatures can favor the spread of certain species, extend the fire season, and increase the risk of heat related illnesses and deaths.

Mercury Rising

In Mercury Rising, Matt Damon takes us on an investigation of the impact of extreme heat and heat waves on human health and mortality.

End of the Woods

In End of the Woods we talk with two scientists who are seeing the effects of climate change on bark beetle infestations and wildfire activity.

Climate Wars

In Climate Wars, Thomas Friedman investigates how increased temperatures and drought can have implications on our food security, water resources, and political stability.


Like a baseball player on steroids, our climate system is breaking records at an unnatural pace.

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Learn how drought threatens jobs, food and water supplies, and political stability.

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