Under the Ice

With Lesley Stahl

Why this story needs to be told

Greenland is more than three times the size of Texas. And 80% of it is covered in ice. Climate scientists didn't used to think melting ice here posed much of a problem. But in the short span of ten years the evidence is mounting that melting glaciers here pose a greater threat to every one of us than anything else happening on the planet.

Lesley Stahl


No place on earth has seen the effects of global warming more than the vast mineral-rich Arctic. As the ice melts, oil companies are scrambling to drill vast quantities of oil and gas that used to be shrouded by impenetrable layers of ice. But what happens to the planet if the oil companies get their way and extract the Arctic’s riches?

In Under the Ice, Correspondent Lesley Stahl goes to Greenland to investigate.


Greenland; Kiruna, Sweden; Washington, D.C.; New York, NY


Meet The Characters

The Arctic is the canary in the gold mine for what is happening on Planet Earth, it is the harbinger of things to come in other parts of the planet.

The Science Behind The Story

In JUST 2012, the ice that melted in Greenland and flowed into the ocean was equivalent to the amount of water flowing over Niagara Falls for 5 straight years.

Source Learn more about Sea Level Rise

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