Price on Carbon

With Nikki Reed

Why this story needs to be told

No matter where you’re from, no matter what you believe in. Climate change will affect you, and carbon pricing is the solution.


Actress and activist Nikki Reed explores what some believe to be the ultimate solution for climate change: putting a price on carbon. She joins a group of passionate students on a mission to put it into action, in places as different as Lubbock, Texas and Claremont, California. Reed also travels to Vancouver, where carbon-pricing is a success story, for a sit-down with the mayor.

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Meet The Characters

YORAM BAUMAN Stand-up Economist and Founder of CarbonWA
TOM ERB Student Climate Activist
Camila Thorndike Co-Founder of Our Climate
Jordan Vogel  Student Climate Activist
Gregor Robertson  Mayor of Vancouver
Ross Beaty  Executive Chairman, Alterra Power Corp.