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Sign the Petition to Put a Price on Carbon!

By The YEARS Project

Climate change is the biggest threat to our collective future. We need national policy that reduces climate pollution, holds polluters accountable, and rapidly transitions our economy to renewable energy. We need a price on carbon.

Dozens of countries and jurisdictions have enacted carbon pricing mechanisms, and the evidence is in: carbon pricing enables renewable energy to flourish, helps phase out polluting energy sources, and lowers emissions. A strong carbon price will rise quickly enough to work without burdening low-income and middle-class families, and won’t create new dependencies on fossil fuel profits.

That’s why the Years of Living Dangerously and our partners started the #PutAPriceOnIt campaign. We’re working to raise awareness about this solution to climate change, and to advocate for a carbon price at the local, state and national level. Join us by signing the petition here: