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Scientist Told to Remove “Climate Change” from Federal Funding Request


“I have been asked to contact you to update the wording in your proposal abstract to remove words such as ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change…This is being asked as we have to meet the President’s budget language restrictions.”

This was the ominous email Jennifer Bowen, an ecologist and associate professor at Northeastern’s Marine Science Center, got after receiving funding from the Department of Energy. Read those words again – that’s an email from the US Federal Government. Sent to a scientist receiving federal funding. There’s a word for this type of email…censorship.

The energy department was quick to distance itself, saying: “There is no departmental-wide policy banning the term ‘climate change’ from being used in DOE materials.” But the email and others like it speak for themselves. They should have the scientific community and the public very worried.

Ironically, climate deniers have alleged censorship for years, claiming the scientific community and progressive administrations have stifled their views in service of a “pro-climate change” agenda. Meanwhile, climate scientists from all over the world have, independently and without bias, all come to one conclusion. Climate change is here, it’s happening and it’s caused by us.

If these scientists were being bribed, threatened or censored, it would have been incredibly easy to uncover. How easy? Just take a look at how quickly that email surfaced.

The Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy are both led by men who publicly say the jury is still out on climate change. It would stand to reason that they especially should be demanding more climate change research be done, not less. It is beyond comprehension that any American would want to see the government stepping in to censor and distort scientific research. Well, any American except President Trump, who seems content to manipulate science to prove what he wants to be true, as opposed to anything resembling reality.