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Radhika Shah: Why I Support a Price on Carbon

By Put A Price On It

By Radhika Shah, #PutAPriceOnIt Fellow


My name is Radhika Shah, and I live in Dallas, Texas. Growing up in Texas as an environmentalist was difficult at times. I used to get ridiculed for asking someone to recycle a water bottle, or to turn off the water while brushing their teeth. Other kids my age didn’t understand why I was so set in my ways. However, even at a young age I was able to appreciate all that Mother Nature has to offer.

Throughout the years, I’ve volunteered and interned through various environmental organizations. I’ve learned that not everyone is like the children I grew up with. Working with Oregon Climate and Citizen’s Climate Lobby has showed me that many young people are passionate about environmental advocacy and do have a say in our current situation. I’m working hard to let Texan legislators know that we must put a price on carbon pollution if we want to solve climate change.

By simply reaching out to district representatives and voicing opinions, together we can show that we demand a change in current energy and resource policies. Engaging in the political leg of the carbon price campaign starts with small actions, but can lead to big changes. I encourage you to take action and help protect our fragile environment. You can find your legislators at bit.ly/RepLookUp. Call or email them! They are waiting to hear from constituents like you. Together, we can hold polluters accountable to #PutAPriceOnIt.

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