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#PutAPriceOnIt Launches College Campus Campaign

By The YEARS Project

As college students across the country return to campus, we’re partnering with a team of young, passionate climate activists to launch the #PutAPriceOnIt campaign on college campuses across the country. The goal of the campaign is to put a price on carbon pollution by mobilizing the support of the generation most affected by climate change: young people. The campaign will leverage film, social media, and celebrity endorsements to increase awareness about carbon pricing, while empowering students across the country to participate in the democratic process and become leaders in civic engagement.

“Climate experts, business leaders, economists, and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle agree that putting a price on greenhouse gases is the solution to climate change. It’s past time to reveal the true cost of pollution and level the playing field for clean energy,” said Camila Thorndike, co-director of the #PutAPriceOnIt campaign and founder of Oregon Climate. “One of the first priorities of the campaign is to gain endorsements from college presidents and demonstrate to lawmakers that institutions shaping tomorrow’s leaders are committed to real action.”

The campaign will provide students with the tools and resources to convince their college or university to officially endorse the idea of carbon pricing. Students can learn more and find everything they need to start their own campus effort at TheClimateSolution.com. Already, more than 50 community and student groups across the U.S have signed on to support the campaign.