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Hot News: September 8

By Climate Nexus

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NOAA Finds Climate Signals in Louisiana Flooding: Climate change made last month’s historic deluge in Louisiana at least 40 percent more likely, a rapid attribution assessment by NOAA found. Parts of Louisiana received 30 inches of rain in one week, leading to floods that killed 13 people and cost nearly $9 billion in damages. “We are now actually able to objectively and quantifiably say ‘yes, climate change contributed to this event’. It’s unequivocal,” said Climate Central chief scientist Heidi Cullen, who coordinated with NOAA and others for the study. (Washington Post $, New York Times $, APUSA TodayTimes-PicayuneClimate CentralLA Times $, TIMEPopular ScienceMother JonesGizmodoMashableCarbon Brief)

Obama- Climate Change is Terrifying: President Obama has forged a climate legacy that includes a global agreement, numerous national regulations and a growing acceptance by Americans that climate change is real and action is necessary. But securing support for climate action hasn’t been easy, especially with a largely “meh” reaction from the political base for a threat he calls “terrifying.” He promises to continue championing the cause even after his presidency ends. “My hope is that maybe as ex-president I can have a little more influence on some of my Republican friends, who I think up until now have been resistant to the science,” Obama said. (New York Times $)

NYC is a “Gradual Atlantis”: New York City will look completely different over the next 200 years as rising seas and storm surges threaten to gradually engulf the city. A child born today could live to see parts of the city six feet under water thanks to climate change, scientists warn. The government has not focused enough on long-term adaptation, which will cost the city dearly. (New York Magazine, Andrew Rice analysis)

No Vacation for Birds in Hawaii: Multiple bird species native to Hawaii face greater risk of extinction in the coming decades due to climate change. According to a new studypublished in Science Advances, several populations have already rapidly declined as temperatures in their habitats rise and avian malaria rates soar. The authors believe the study serves as an early warning for birds across the world that are “trapped within a climatic space that is rapidly disappearing.” (APIB Times $)

US News
  • Clinton backs bill to protect benefits for ex-coal miners (APThe Hill)
  • Trump adviser floats commission to debate climate science (Politico Pro $)
  • Donald Trump’s oil man urges Russia and Opec to cut output (Financial Times $)
  • Yes, I’d lie to you (Economist $)
  • Energy execs, AGs huddled at resort ahead of litigation (Greenwire $, Think Progress)
  • Jerry Brown to sign climate change legislation Thursday (LA Times $, AP)
  • As America’s top utility regulatory body overhauls rate design, solar players want more transparency (Greentech Media)
  • California fights to save market plan to cut carbon emissions (Bloomberg)
  • California panel rejects major coastal development (AP)
  • The forecast for Lake Mead: Hot and dry with plenty of anxiety (LA Times $)
  • US carbon permits price falls as shale gas replaces coal (Financial Times $)
  • Southwest soaking: Hurricane remnants threaten floods (USA Today)
  • Grid study finds new transmission could further cut costs, emissions (Midwest Energy News)
  • Zika funding becomes a political weapon in Florida’s U.S. Senate race (Miami Herald)
  • These technologies may actually deliver Elon Musk’s dream of changing the world (Bloomberg)
  • Offshore wind developers to use largely empty New Bedford terminal (Boston Globe $)
  • Big changes proposed for demand response in California (Greentech Media)
  • The road to a thriving second-life EV battery market (Greentech Media)
  • Do teachers’ climate change beliefs influence students? (
  • Energy groups push for renewal of tax credits (The Hill)
  • See where Apache Corp. says it found billions of barrels of oil (Market Watch)
  • Jerry Brown presses case for expanding California power grid (Sacramento Bee)
  • Shell CEO: Red lights on path to greener energy (USA Today)
  • Green group pours $4.2 million into swing state canvassing push (Politico Pro $)

World News

  • Shipping industry prepares for looming climate tax (Climate Home)
  • Large-scale solar to triple after what could be Arena’s final renewable energy grants (Guardian)
  • Flooding: UK government plans for more extreme rainfall (Guardian)
  • Landmark US-China climate deal to half thermal coal trade: WoodMac (CNBC)
  • Germany publishes 30-year climate change strategy (Climate Home)
  • Open water nears North Pole as 2016 melt season races to finish (Mashable)
  • Norway’s fund barred from investing in U.S. firm Duke Energy (ReutersWall Street Journal $)
  • In eastern Tibetan forest, signs of tree growth amid climate change (Phys.orgTIME)
  • French Quadran to invest 3 billion euros in renewables, eyes floating offshore (New York Times $)
  • U.K. government delaying decisions may threaten green investment (Bloomberg)
  • Experts in poorer nations seek easy-to-use carbon markets (Carbon Pulse $)
  • Australia awards funding for solar plants, set to triple capacity (Reuters)
  • Beauty and power: how Norway is making green energy look good (Guardian)
  • China’s top steel city cuts industrial production to clear air (Reuters)
  • India and Nepal concern over Tibet flood advice gap (BBC)
  • Suncor energy seeks permission to abandon some oil-sands assets (Wall Street Journal $)
  • Amitav Ghosh: ‘climate change is like death, no one wants to talk about it’ (Guardian)
  • Auction for wind power on the anvil: Piyush Goyal (Indian Express)
  • Australia’s coal exports to slide amid push to stem global warming (Sydney Morning Herald $)
  • No end in sight for South Africa’s historic drought: government (Reuters)
  • Future fisheries can expect $10 billion revenue loss due to climate change (
  • Sweden focuses on climate change in budget proposal (XinhuaNet)
  • UAE ratification of Paris climate deal wins plaudits (The National)
  • Don’t limit efforts to address climate change: PM Modi at G-20 (Economic Times)
  • Heat schools and businesses with lost energy, says critic (CBC News)
  • Energy companies call on MPs to save Australia’s renewables agency funding (Guardian)
  • Is liquid silicon the key to better lithium-ion battery anodes? (Greentech Media)

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