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Hot News: September 7

By Climate Nexus

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Party Shift in Oil and Gas Donations: Individuals who work for the oil and gas industry, historically some of the GOP’s strongest backers, have donated twice as much money to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton than to Donald Trump. Even as they largely continue to back Republican candidates in other races, many are concerned about his positions and worried that Trump has little understanding of their industry.Energy employees even gave a substantial amount to Bernie Sanders, who backed a complete ban on fracking. Trump’s campaign is confident that there will be a large uptick in oil and gas donations by election day. (Wall Street Journal $, New York MagazineCNBCE&E News $)

Global Coal Development Shrinks: The amount of coal capacity under development dropped sharply in the first half of 2016, falling 14 percent globally. The 158 gigawatt decline in capacity is nearly equivalent to the European Union’s entire coal fleet. A new report by CoalSwarm shows that China and India recorded the largest drop due to major policy shifts. The number of coal-fired plants under development is still out of line with the Paris Agreement goals, but experts expect the declining trend will continue to accelerate. (Reuters, BusinessGreen $, Climate HomeGrist)

Shipping Routes to Open Across the Arctic: Shipping routes through the Arctic could double by 2050 even with a “best-case reduction” in CO2 emissions. According to a new study, ships could routinely navigate the Arctic for 10-12 months a year if greenhouse gas emissions are not curbed, putting even greater stress on the region. Melting Arctic ice continues to threaten the livelihoods of whale hunters in Alaska, who find themselves torn between promoting oil drilling to fund their communities and protecting their waters and culture. (News: BBCCommentary: Carbon Brief, Nathanael Melia op-ed;New Yorker, Tom Kizzia column)

US News
  • Clinton slams Trump on climate change in Florida (Politico Pro $)
  • Battered coal companies courted state AGs to fight climate rules (Bloomberg)
  • These stunning new maps of Alaska could transform Arctic science (Washington Post $)
  • Inside solar’s secret society (E&E news $)
  • SunEdison creditors won’t block plan to sell clean-energy assets (Bloomberg)
  • Hurricane Hermine’s flood damage was ramped up by climate change (New ScientistWashington Post $)
  • Congress ready for final stretch on 800-page energy reform bill (The Hill)
  • Judge puts hold on plan to open California lands to fracking (AP)
  • House votes for online lease sales for offshore drilling (The Hill)
  • 2 pipeline companies, Enbridge and Spectra Energy, to merge (New York Times$, Wall Street Journal $, The Hill)
  • Judge grants partial stop on North Dakota pipeline work (AP)
  • Ignored and screwed, this town aims to ease flood rules (ClimateWire $)
  • Greens put $860,000 into Nevada Senate race ad campaign (The Hill)
  • Oil companies are coming around to a carbon tax. Their politicians aren’t. (Houston Chronicle)
  • Residents suspect cancer tied to steam plant (Times Daily)
  • N.Y. is using a century-old law to squeeze companies on climate (ClimateWire $)
  • IATP: TPP would undermine Paris climate goals (Politico Pro $)
  • Oklahoma Volkswagen lawsuit may be moved to California court (AP)
  • Electric fans might make seniors hotter in extreme heat (AP)
  • With plants, it’s not the humidity, it’s the heat (VOA News)
  • 5,300-gallon oil spill being cleaned in south Louisiana (AP)

World News

  • Pressure for G20 deadline on fossil fuel subsidies shifts to Germany (Thomson Reuters Foundation)
  • China’s top ministries commit to green finance drive (Climate Home)
  • Corbyn seeks 65 percent renewable-power use in U.K. by 2030 (BloombergGuardian)
  • Brazil could raise emissions and still meet Paris goal: study (Reuters)
  • Airlines urge governments to sign up for global aviation emission deal (Reuters)
  • Black Lives Matter UK shuts down London City Airport runway in climate change action (TIME, Mic, GuardianIndependent)
  • Volkswagen in talks to make electric cars in China (Wall Street Journal $)
  • BlackRock issues climate change warning (Financial Times $)
  • EU hits energy reduction target six years early (Guardian)
  • Here’s how farmers plan to make the monsoon last all year (Bloomberg)
  • Renault sees diesel disappearing from most of its European cars (Reuters)
  • Statoil renews push into Arctic oil basins (Wall Street Journal $)
  • U.K. may delay release of plan to reach carbon goals until 2017 (Bloomberg)
  • Indonesia to apply clean coal technology to reduce emissions (Jakarta Post)
  • Morocco to give 600 mosques a green makeover (Guardian)
  • One new wind turbine built every day across Scotland (Scotsman)
  • State schools face solar tax hike – but private schools exempted (Guardian)
  • Palestinian students in Gaza develop solar-powered car (Washington Post)
  • RWE, Statkraft advance $3.5 billion U.K. offshore wind farm (Bloomberg)
  • New research shows that toxic air pollution can penetrate the brain (TIME)
  • Bay of Fundy warming threatens lobster, climate committee told (CBC News)
  • Interview: UN chief candidate vows to prioritize peace, climate change in reform (XinhuaNet)
  • Climate Change Authority’s move to Canberra raises independence concerns (Guardian)
  • Latent energy demand will drive coal use: official (Mint)
  • Govt mulls consequences of not ratifying Paris Agreement this year (Business Standard)
  • Costa Rica hasn’t burned any fossil fuels for electricity in two months (Mashable)
  • Global warming is a major threat to our overlords, the lizards (Gizmodo)
  • State Street funds ramp up support for climate-change measures (Reuters)

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