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Hot News: September 29

By Climate Nexus

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Oil Driving Amazon Destruction: US imports of crude oil from the Amazon are contributing to the destruction of pristine rainforests that act as important carbon sinks. A new report by Amazon Watch found California is one of the worst offenders, as its refineries processed 170,978 barrels of Amazon crude every day last year — accounting for about 60 percent of total exports of crude oil from Ecuador, Peru and Colombia. (Guardian, Fusion)

Latinos Disproportionately Exposed to Air Pollution: Latinos are 51 percent more likely to live in areas with unhealthy levels of ozone than non-Hispanic whites, a new report by the Clean Air Task Force and three other groups found. The report quantifies the elevated health risks such as asthma and cancer to the more than 1.8 million Latinos who live within a half mile of oil and gas facilities and calls for stricter regulations on pollution from these facilities. (Greenwire $)

Scientists Worry about Elevated CO2 Levels: Carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere stayed above 400 parts per million (ppm) during September — a time when CO2 levels typically hit the yearly low — raising fears that the planet has reached a point of no return. “It already seems safe to conclude that we won’t be seeing a monthly value below 400 ppm this year ― or ever again for the indefinite future,” Ralph Keeling, director of the CO2 program at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, wrote in a blog post. The increase in CO2 levels runs parallel to a marked increase in global temperatures. (Christian Science MonitorHuffington PostIB Times $, FortuneThink ProgressMotherboardGlobal News)

US News
  • Could climate change help Clinton win millennials? (CNN)
  • Chelsea Clinton talks climate change, Appalachian issues (Citizen-Times)
  • Greens lay a gas trap for Clinton (Politico Pro $)
  • ‘Trump’s promises are empty’: energy experts lay waste to proposals (Guardian)
  • Steyer takes shot at API, Chamber on climate stance (Morning Consult)
  • Energy secretary: Green power has increased ‘dramatically’ (The Hill)
  • Barriers used to protect soldiers now stopping floodwaters (APIowa Public Radio)
  • A warm ocean ‘blob’ caused last year’s toxic algal bloom — and there’s more to come (Washington Post $)
  • A growth-friendly climate change proposal (Wall Street Journal $)
  • Community solar projects sprout up in Minnesota, Massachusetts (PV-Tech)
  • One of the world’s largest candy makers is hiring meteorologists to deal with climate change (Business Insider)
  • Royce, Blumenauer introduce flood-mitigation bill (Politico Pro $, TIME)
  • Duke CEO sees coal entirely disappearing from its power mix (Bloomberg)
  • New Report: Poor Americans of color drink filthy water and breathe poisonous air all the damn time (Mother Jones)
  • Solar power on Long Island reaches major milestone (Public News Service)
  • Professor, wife sentenced on convictions of defrauding NASA (AP)
  • She studies underwater methane-eating microbes that keep our planet in balance. Genius! (Grist)
  • A foot of rain may fall in the Washington, D.C., area by Friday (Mashable)
  • No big shift in U.S. flood patterns despite climate change – study (Reuters)
  • Mike Pence’s kinder, gentler climate change denial (Huffington Post)
  • Inside the court battle that could destroy Obama’s climate policy (Mother Jones)
  • SunPower reinvents large-scale solar plants with drones, robots and tomatoes (Greentech Media)
  • State introduces fracking regulations, one year ahead of ban’s end (Baltimore Sun)
  • SolarCity names finance chief, pairs with Citi on solar funds (Wall Street Journal$)
  • Tropical Storm Matthew is likely, and forecasts suggest it could approach U.S. next week (Washington Post $)
  • Grassroots and grass: How Sacramento became the center of zero-energy housing (Fast Co.Exist)
  • SunEdison Yieldco and Appaloosa agree to settle litigation (Bloomberg)
  • Oil executive says Dakota Access pipeline stalemate would end if tribes got oil service contracts (Think Progress)
  • Book of the week: ‘Seeds on Ice’ opens the door to an Arctic vault that could secure the future of food (LA Times $)
  • White House — curb GHGs by eliminating parking spots (ClimateWire $)

World News

  • UN says EU may ratify Paris agreement soon (AP)
  • Oil prices soar on tentative OPEC deal to cut production (New York Times $)
  • WMO: Rapidly melting Arctic sea ice signals accelerated global warming (VOA NewsClimate News NetworkClimate Home)
  • Officials admit no modelling shows how Australia will meet Paris climate pledge (GuardianAP)
  • Statewide blackout plunges Australia into renewable energy debate (ReutersClimate HomeGuardian)
  • BP and Shell investors urged to reward bosses for backing green energy (Guardian)
  • Solar on the steppe: Ukraine embraces renewables revolution (Nature)
  • Scientists just found yet another way that humans are creating greenhouse gases (Washington Post $)
  • The Arctic is being utterly transformed — and we’re just starting to learn the consequences (Washington Post $)
  • Oslo’s radical “climate budget” aims to halve carbon emissions in four years(Reuters)
  • London calling: Figueres dives back into climate after UN bid (Climate Home)
  • Massive global investors group says we need to stop eating so much meat (VICE MunchiesGrist)
  • Palestine withdraws Israel-slating UN climate proposal (Climate Home)
  • Australia’s west, south losing vital rain as climate change shifts winds, study finds (ABC Australia)
  • Deal to curb airline emission not equitable, says India (IB Times $)
  • South Australia blackout: Once in 50-year storm lashes state (Sydney Morning Herald $)
  • Aviation emissions deal may spur more carbon offset schemes (ClimateWire $)
  • King’s College London diverts fossil fuel endowments to clean energy (Guardian)
  • Mexico awards contracts to secure renewable energy (Wall Street Journal)
  • JA Solar withdraws from EU minimum solar pricing agreement (Bloomberg)
  • Global warming’s impact will grow, UCI study finds (LA Times $)
  • LNG project approval won’t mean green light for other pipelines, Jim Carr says (CBC News)
  • Superannuation fund bonuses encouraging greater fossil fuel exploration, report says (Guardian)
  • Study: Europe’s wind sector set to swell by 140GW by 2025 (BusinessGreen $)
  • Sound blasts could keep whales away from wind farm construction (New Scientist)
  • Ethiopia soil map arms farmers with new fertilisers in climate fight (Thomson Reuters Foundation)
  • Hundreds of new dams could mean trouble for our climate (Science Magazine)
  • UNEP: Dieselgate will ‘push the electric revolution very quickly’ (EurActiv)
  • Leading environmentalist James Lovelock: Humans should save themselves, not the planet (Independent)
  • India ratifies Paris Agreement, but with caveats (Business Standard)
  • Burning of forests to double: study (Winnipeg Free Press)

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