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Hot News: September 28

By Climate Nexus

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Judges Hear Clean Power Plan Arguments: Executive authority and the scope of the Clean Air Act were the focus of the oral arguments on the Clean Power Plan. While tough questions were asked of both sides, supporters of CPP remain confident that the judges (six out of 10 of whom were appointed by Democrats) will uphold the rule. Providing additional context, Senators Sheldon Whitehouse, Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer and Edward Markey released a report, “The Brief No One Filed,” detailing the connections of the challengers of CPP with the fossil fuel industry, which gave over $107 million to authors of briefs opposing the rule. (News: New York Times $, APBloombergGreenwire $, Washington Post $, ReutersWall Street Journal $, The HillPolitico Pro $, Utility DiveCourthouse NewsKTVQMaine Public RadioCommentary: The Hill, Sen. Edward J. Markey & Rep. Jared Huffman op-edFusion, Ari Phillips columnThinkProgress, Ian Millhiser analysis)

Trump Campaign Wobbles on Climate: Donald Trump’s campaign manager said Trump believes climate change is “naturally occurring” after he denied calling it a “hoax” in Monday’s presidential debate. This stance runs somewhat at odds with that of vice presidential nominee Mike Pence who said the same day that human activities have “some impact” on the climate. The 82-second coverage of climate issues during the debate, which became a major moment, has generated more calls for a climate question in the next debate. (News: CNNThinkProgressAPThe HillTIMENew York Times $, Clean TechnicaBusiness InsiderCommentary: Grist, Rebecca Leber columnWashington Post, Chris Mooney column $; Washington Post, Philip Bump column $; ThinkProgress, Joe Romm columnGrist, Emma Foehringer Merchant columnNew York Magazine, Eric Levitz column)

App Compares EVs and Hybrids on Fuel and Cost Efficiency: Electric vehicles and hybrids are among the least expensive options on the market, a new analysis of 125 popular cars in the US shows. The results, which were also incorporated into an app, reveal that some of today’s cars already meet the emission-reduction targets set by the US for 2030-2050, though the average car sold is about 50 percent above the 2030 target. Interestingly, some traditional cars outperform the hybrids, depending on a variety of factors. (New York Times $, NPR, UPIGuardianVox)

US News
  • Modeling shows efficiency, carbon trading could play major role in Michigan’s Clean Power Plan compliance (Midwest Energy News)
  • Environmental critics rail against city’s biofuel push (New York Post)
  • As wildfire risk grows in the West, so does home building (Wall Street Journal $)
  • NYC targets 100MWh energy storage by 2020; ramps up solar activity (PV-TechGreentech MediaGuardian)
  • Eyes wide open’: Despite climate risks, utilities bet big on natural gas (Utility Dive)
  • $1 billion aid proposal for coal areas has strong support in poll (Lexington Herald Leader)
  • Neurologist fighting Mass. AG sets his sights on Exxon case (ClimateWire $)
  • Can religion trump the climate change deniers? Meet the inter-faith environmentalists (New Statesman)
  • Looking to the Earth itself as a climate solution (InsideClimate News)
  • Marijuana grow ops could soon rival data center energy use (Greentech Media)
  • Coal lobby group to shrink further (E&E News $)
  • Leonardo DiCaprio gets angry and emotional about climate change in ‘Before The Flood’ trailer (Huffington Post)
  • Amazon, Google and the White House team up to visualize climate risk (GreenBiz)
  • Global warming trend warms the U.S. West, leaves East shivering (InsideClimate News)
  • NASA is sinking into the ocean (Gizmodo)
  • Dem senator: Louisiana Republican ‘found Jesus’ on flood funding (The Hill)
  • Microsoft commits to 50 percent renewable energy for data centers by 2018 (PV-Tech)
  • A majority of voters support Florida’s deceptive solar initiative (Think Progress)
  • William Holmberg, decorated Marine who became renewable energy advocate, dies at 88 (Washington Post $)
  • Hundreds evacuated as Loma fire tears through California mountains (ABC)

World News

  • Aviation emissions talks face turbulent last stretch (Politico Pro $, BusinessGreen $)
  • The world passes 400 ppm threshold. Permanently (Climate Central)
  • EU nations aim for draft deal on fast approval of Paris accord (Bloomberg)
  • Cabinet approves India’s move to ratify Paris Agreement on climate change (Times of India)
  • China said to mull bigger cut in solar prices in some regions (Bloomberg)
  • SolarCity Mexico unit eyes $1 billion investment over five years (Reuters)
  • Is it time for Norway to stop looking for oil? (Climate Home)
  • Australia’s west, south losing vital rain as climate change shifts winds, study finds (ABC Australia)
  • Greenland’s receding icecap to expose top-secret US nuclear project (Guardian)
  • Climate change projected to outpace rates of niche change in grasses posing threat to staple foods, say scientists (Independent)
  • No diesels need apply: Electric cars rule at Paris show (AP)
  • India to seek equitable agreement on phasing out of HFCs: Dave (PTI)
  • Floods and farms fuel jump in methane emissions: researchers (Thomson Reuters Foundation)
  • Climate change raises forest fire risk: Report (Mississauga News)
  • Charts: The extraordinary decoupling between economic growth and carbon pollution is happening (Quartz)
  • Facing losses, energy funds ask investors for more time, money (Wall Street Journal $)
  • The more we learn about air pollution, the worse it gets (Washington Post $)
  • South Australia pays the price for heavy reliance on renewable energy (The Age, Brian Robins column)
  • Sprawling Typhoon Megi plows into Taiwan with howling winds, flooding rains (Mashable)
  • Toxic emissions surged after AGL acquired Bayswater coal-fired power plant (Guardian)

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