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Hot News: September 27

By Climate Nexus

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Climate Change in the Spotlight at the Debate: Though moderator Lester Holt did not ask a specific question on climate change during the first presidential debate, it became the “most important exchange of the night.” While speaking on clean energy jobs, Hillary Clinton said Donald Trump believes climate change is “a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese.” He hurriedly interrupted to reject that claim, but fact checkers pointed out that Trump has called climate change a hoax numerous times since 2012. Trump also made an oblique reference to Solyndra’s bankruptcy, while Clinton touted her renewable energy ambitions, including plans to deploy half a billion solar panels. (NewsHuffington PostClimate HomeLA Times $, Washington Post $, APNew York Times $ , The VergeCNNFortuneEsquireGlobal NewsMicVoxMother JonesWall Street Journal $, The HillPolitico Pro $, ThinkProgressMashableE&E News $. CommentaryRolling Stone, Tom Dickinson columnGrist, Rebecca Leber column)

Study: US Needs Clean Power Plan, More Initiatives to Meet Goals: Even as the Clean Power Plan gets its day in the court today, a new study shows that the US needs not only CPP but also more ambitious initiatives to meet its pledge to cut emissions 26-28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025. According to researchers at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, current and proposed initiatives around the country will avoid 1,330 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions — leaving a significant gap of 330 million tons that also needs to be accounted for. (Washington Post $, APGuardianSciencePacific StandardNew ScientistInsideClimate NewsClimate CentralUSA TodayTIMENewsweek)

Scientists Say Doomsday Warming Study Deeply Flawed: heavily criticized new study’s claim that the Earth is already locked into 3-7°C of warming over the next millennia has met significant objections because it conflates climate changes due to natural cycles with those forced by carbon dioxide. The study used sediment cores to create a record of the planet’s average surface temperature over the past two million years, a notable advance for temperature reconstructions. But the conclusion that this is relevant to the climate challenge is “based on a fundamental mistake,” Jeffrey Severinghaus, a paleoclimatologist at Scripps Institution for Oceanography, said. This sentiment was shared by NASA’s Gavin Schmidt, who lauded the reconstruction but saidthe conclusion was “simply wrong.” (Mashable, National GeographicGizmodoClimate CentralSydney Morning Herald $, MicABC AustraliaArs Technica)

US News
  • Trump transition fills out energy team (Politico Pro $, The HillThinkProgressWashington Post $)
  • Obama power plant rules face key test in U.S. court (ReutersFinancial Times $)
  • Allies, critics spar over Calif. proposal’s role in fight (E&E News $)
  • The mind-boggling New Orleans heat record that no one is talking about (Washington Post $)
  • A push to raise the wind tax in Wyoming blows up (LA Times $)
  • Big spending by fossil fuel supporters swings Ohio senate race to GOP (InsideClimate News)
  • Will Obama’s climate security play engage Republicans? (Climate Home)
  • Farmers say, ‘No apologies,’ as well drilling hits record levels in San Joaquin Valley (Sacramento Bee)
  • Soaring temps increase risk of wildfires through Monday: ‘I’d say the tinder box would be Southern California itself’ (LA Times $)
  • Teaching middle schoolers climate change without terrifying them (NPR)
  • Nebraska’s climate change committee holding hearings on becoming more energy efficient (Nebraska Radio Network)
  • California wildfire forces geothermal plant evacuation (AP)
  • SolarCity sued by Cogenra Solar and Khosla Ventures (ReutersBloomberg)
  • Solar project to coming to Clarke County (AP)
  • Two years into oil slump, U.S. shale firms are ready to pump more (Wall Street Journal $)
  • Some cities are taking another look at LED lighting after AMA warning (Washington Post $)
  • Demand charges vs. TOU rates: The great Arizona rate design experiment (Utility Dive)
  • SunEdison in Talks With Yieldcos Over $3 Billion in Claims (Bloomberg)
  • Solar project to bring jobs to unemployed coal workers (The Southern)
  • GOP chairman presses for national security, climate change plan (The Hill)
  • Solar project to bring jobs to unemployed coal workers (Southern Illinoisan)
  • The car-emissions sleuth who’s costing Chrysler $5 billion (Bloomberg)

World News

  • A new debate over pricing the risks of climate change (New York Times $)
  • Carbon emissions are priced too cheap for climate change (ThinkProgress)
  • WHO: Excessive air pollution affects 92 percent of people (APTIME)
  • World’s first green securities exchange announced in Luxembourg (BloombergFinancial Times $)
  • EU energy chief optimistic on Paris climate deal ratification (Bloomberg)
  • Diesel scrutiny shifts to London’s building sites (Reuters)
  • Paris climate targets to cost Asia $300 billion a year, but will help save lives – research (Thomson Reuters FoundationCNBC)
  • Coffee and climate change: what you need to know (Guardian)
  • Poland raises coal needs in EU climate push (Financial Times $)
  • Taiwan goes into shutdown as Typhoon Megi rains arrive (Mashable)
  • Investors demand more sustainability disclosures from companies (Wall Street Journal $)
  • Slovakia joins climate change fight (New Europe)
  • Indian ROV monitors the health of coral reefs (The Hindu)
  • Scientists inspect the Great Barrier Reef, from 28,000 feet above (New York Times $)
  • Why did Modi decide to ratify the Paris climate deal? (Climate Home)
  • Aviation emissions are next target in fight against climate change (TIME)
  • Four British power firms call for carbon tax extension (Reuters)
  • Saving the polar bears (Flathead Beacon)
  • Electric car boom raises pollution fears (Financial Times $)

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