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Hot News: September 22

By Climate Nexus

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Climate Pact Nears a Tipping Point: The Paris Agreement reached a significant milestone as 31 more countries formally joined the agreement at the UN General Assembly. In total, 60 countries representing 48 percent of global emissions have joined; 55 countries accounting for 55 percent of the world emissions are required for the agreement to kick in. With countries accounting for 12.6 percent emissions committed to join soon, the agreement could enter into force by the end of this year — the speediest enforcement of an international agreement ever. (APGuardianWashington Post $, New York Times $, The HillPolitico Pro $, BloombergClimate HomeReutersMashableWall Street Journal $, Climate HomeClimate CentralCarbon Pulse $, LA Times $, Times of IndiaGothamist)

Pres. Obama Declares Climate Change a Security Risk: President Obama signed a presidential memorandum establishing a policy that climate change must be considered while developing issues pertaining to national security. The White House directed 20 federal agencies and offices to collaborate under a Federal Climate and National Security Working Group and prepare a national security action plan in 90 days. A separate report released by the National Intelligence Council declared that climate change impacts pose a national security challenge for the country. (Washington Post $, APThe HillReutersIB Times $, BloombergUSA TodayMashableVOA NewsNew Republic)

Ocean-Raising Ice Sheet Melting Faster: Greenland’s annual ice loss is 40 trillion pounds higher than previously measured and part of a long-term trend rather than a brief periodic loss, a new study published in Science Advances reveals. Using GPS data, the researchers found that between 2003 and 2013, about 590 trillion pounds of ice fell into the sea per year, more than seven percent higher than earlier estimates. Greenland ice melt is a significant contributor to rising sea level. (News: APGuardianWashington Post $. Commentary: Nexus Media, Jeremy Deaton column)

US News
  • Gary Johnson wants to ignore climate change because the sun will destroy the earth one day (Mother Jones)
  • US tests reveal major TV manufacturers may be manipulating energy ratings (GuardianE&E News $, AP)
  • How Trump could unravel Obama’s climate legacy (Politico Pro $)
  • Climate change perceptions vary among generations of Alaska’s Yup’ik and Cup’ik people (ColorLines)
  • Oil sector, investors react to sec probe of Exxon over climate change (Wall Street Journal $)
  • John Bel Edwards: Climate change may not be man-made (Times-Picayune)
  • The science of Trump: Energy, space and military tech (FiveThirtyEight)
  • SEC involvement sharpens #ExxonKnew focus on what its accountants knew (InsideClimate News)
  • House Republicans slam new Obama climate review (The Hill)
  • Vote Solar, Earthjustice take Montana PURPA fight to federal regulators (PV Magazine)
  • When it rains it pours, and sewage hits the fan (Climate Central)
  • Hundreds of U.S. scientists slam Trump for threatening to abandon Paris climate accord (Washington Post $, TIMECNN)
  • U.S. nuclear waste backlog could be eased by private disposal: Moniz (Reuters)
  • Ohio GOP voters support green energy, efficiency programs and customer choice (Cleveland)
  • Alaska fisheries escape effects of climate change for now (Alaska Dispatch News)
  • Spillover can’t stop utility-scale solar’s biggest year ever (Greentech Media)
  • Lawmakers unveil bill to boost natural gas truck sales (The Hill)
  • New York today: An extended summer (New York Times $)
  • D.light raises $22.5m for off-grid solar as energy giants take notice (Greentech Media)
  • Aurora Solar Project sites nearing completion (Southern Minn)
  • How Duke’s solar and battery microgrid is weathering disruptive grid events (Greentech Media)
  • White House engaged in ‘messaging’ for EPA fracking study (E&E News $)
  • Boston University moves away from coal and tar sands, but won’t pledge full divestment (Think Progress)
  • Stop blaming the drought on a lack of rain (Mother Jones)
  • What do climate change & rising seas hold in store for New York City? (Clean Technica)
  • Donald Trump: Why climate change is a HUGE hoax (Daily Express)
  • After Solar Decision, What’s next for Nevada’s renewable energy (Nevada Public Radio)
  • Rightsizing key challenge for coal industry used to being big: Quest CEO (Platts)
  • Settlement reached in Exxon Yellowstone spill (AP)

World News

  • Existing coal, oil and gas fields will blow carbon budget – study (Climate Home)
  • Laurence Tubiana on the 1.5C questions scientists need to answer (Carbon Brief)
  • China climate change policy update: Greenhouse gas emissions targets to rely on cap-and-trade energy program (IB Times $)
  • At the height of hurricane season, the tropical Atlantic Ocean is sleepy (Washington Post $)
  • Climate change affects Islanders each day, says expert (CBC News)
  • ‘It’s a depressing sight’: climate change unleashes ghostly death on Great Barrier Reef (Guardian)
  • Oil services find hope in giant windmills anchored to ocean bed (Bloomberg)
  • Volkswagen shareholders seek $9.2 billion over diesel scandal (New York Times$)
  • France to seek compensation from carmakers exceeding CO2 goals (Reuters)
  • High costs slowing Sri Lanka push toward solar energy (Thomson Reuters Foundation)
  • India seeks loan from U.S. for nuclear reactors, snags remain (Reuters)
  • Galilee basin coal must be left in ground as a ‘priority’ – new report (Guardian)
  • Shanghai Electric Power said to lead bidding for K-Electric (Bloomberg)
  • Electric vehicle sales slip out of fast lane for first time after subsidy cuts (BusinessGreen $)
  • Erratic rainfall activity linked to climate change? (Times of India)
  • French power major EDF plans $2 billion green bet on India (Economic Times)
  • RWE’s Innogy doubles stake in solar specialist before IPO (Reuters)
  • Remember the island in the super typhoon eye? Not a single person died, reports say. (Washington Post $)
  • EU nations advance on fast-track approval of Paris climate deal (Bloomberg)
  • Swiss MECI Group signs deal in Iran for $839 million wind farm (Bloomberg)
  • Climate change pushing need for better agriculture data (VOA News)
  • Future growth suspends funding to coal industry over concerns of environmental sustainability (Mail & Guardian)
  • Brazil’s raging forest fires threaten indigenous land, uncontacted tribes (Thomson Reuters Foundation)

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