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Hot News: September 2

By Climate Nexus

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First Hurricane in 11 Years Hits Florida: An 80-mph Category 1 hurricane made landfall at in Florida late last night, causing heavy rains, widespread storm surge and power disruptions for more than 150,000 residents. This is the first hurricane to make landfall in the state in 11 years. Storm surge is estimated to have reached as high as 9 feet in some places. The National Hurricane Center expects storm rainfall totals of 5 to 10 inches across the southeastern US, with isolated totals reaching upwards of 15 inches, and has warned of  “life-threatening inundation” along the Gulf Coast of Florida for next 24 hours. Hermine highlights the risks associated with hurricanes in a warming world. Near record-warm ocean temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico evaporated near-record amounts of water into the atmosphere for Hermine. Sea levels in northwest Florida have risen nearly a foot in the past decades, increasing the threat of storm surge and flooding. (News: NPRABC NewsBBCCNNCharlotte ObserverLA Times $, NBC NewsWashington Post $, MashableNew York Times $, ReutersCommentary: Pacific Standard, Eric Holthaus columnBackground: Climate Signals)

CPP Won’t Cost Power Suppliers Much: The operator of the largest US power market said in a report that power suppliers in its region can comply with the Clean Power Plan with very little economic impact. PJM Interconnection — which serves much of the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions — found that wholesale electricity costs could rise as little as one percent depending on how a state chooses to comply with the plan. The report found that regional strategies, like the Northeast’s Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, would be even more cost effective than state-by-state plans. (Bloomberg, Politico Pro $)

Climate Funds for Pacific Islands: The White House announced $40 million in new programs to help Pacific Islands build resilience to climate change and invest in clean energy. This includes funding for a new USAID Climate Ready Program, which is intended to help national governments increase access to climate finance and strengthen adaptation programs. President Obama visited Hawaii and Midway Atoll to discuss climate change and conservation on his way to Hangzhou for the G20 Summit, where the US and China could formally join the Paris Agreement. (News: The HillHuffington Post,CNNReutersNew York Times $. Commentary: Washington Post, Juliet Eilperin column $)

Cooling Fabric for A Warming World: A team at Stanford University has engineered a new fabric that could help people stay cool by allowing body heat to escape better than traditional fabrics. The material, called nanoPE, keeps skin temperature nearly 5°F cooler than cotton and 3.8°F cooler than popular synthetic fabrics. The creators of the fabric say nanoPE clothes could reduce the use of air conditioners, which is expected to rise thanks to climate change. (News: AP, The Verge, TIME, Smithsonian, Bloomberg . Commentary: Washington Post, Rachel Feltman column $)


US News
  • Boulder commits to going 100 percent renewable (Think Progress)
  • Greens urge Clinton to blacklist Colorado governor (Politico)
  • California lawmakers deliver for liberals on climate, wages (AP)
  • Study links mercury concentrations to thunderstorm frequency (Greenwire $)
  • Florida finds first local mosquitoes with Zika virus (Reuters)
  • Two Colorado coal-fired power units to close as part of clean-air deal (AP)
  • Retrofitting Montana power plant would be costly, Department of Energy says (AP)
  • Boardman coal plant to try full day of biomass (East Oregonian)
  • Exelon, America’s leading nuclear generator, keeps the faith on nukes (Power Magazine)
  • Fast-growing Idaho wildfire could keep burning until October (NPR)
  • US microgrid market growth driven by multi-stakeholder ownership models (Greentech Media)
  • Legislature declines to add ‘environmental justice’ members to Southern California air quality board (LA Times $)
  • Alaska has finally been mapped as precisely as Mars (National Geographic)
  • Investors betting against Tesla’s SolarCity deal: Chart (Bloomberg)
  • Dredging brings severe flood risk to Wilmington, N.C. (Climate Central)
  • Report on climate costs for Millennials shows what’s at stake in Ohio energy debate (Midwest Energy News)
  • Iowa City climate action at a crossroads (Next City)

World News

  • U.S. and China to lead push on climate change at G20 summit (Thomson Reuters FoundationBloomberg)
  • G20 talks climate while Australia cuts renewables funding (Climate Home)
  • Carbon prices too low to drive global green shift -report (Carbon Pulse $)
  • Tropical Storm Madeline sent CO2 below 400 ppm (Climate Central)
  • Sadiq Khan and megacity mayors urge G20 climate change action (Press Association)
  • In China’s electric car boom, global automakers select different gear (Reuters)
  • Zika: Two billion at risk in Africa and Asia, study says (BBC)
  • Climate change hearings told to keep old power plants (CBC News)
  • By next century the UK might be hosting every other Olympics, because of climate change (Quartz)
  • France said to see Hinkley project unravelling amid G-20 talks (Bloomberg)
  • India shelves coal mining target on weak demand (Climate Home)
  • MEPs shocked by ‘secretive’ ICAO plan to cut aviation emissions (EurActiv)
  • Property investors are obsessed with the A/C in your office (Bloomberg)
  • Disparate crises distract from Obama bid to sign off on Asia shift (Reuters)
  • World population to hit 10bn by mid-century – forecast (Climate Home)
  • Unreliable data hinder carbon divestment (Financial Times $)
  • World’s oldest fossils discovered due to climate change (National Geographic)
  • Halogen spotlights to be phased out across Europe (Guardian)
  • Senate calls on Coalition to rule out financing Adani’s Carmichael coalmine (Guardian)
  • JP Morgan Asset Management acquires solar developer Sonnedix (Reuters)

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