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Hot News: September 16

By Climate Nexus

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Obama Safeguards Atlantic Waters: President Obama established the country’s first marine monument in the Atlantic, protecting nearly 5,000 square miles off the coast of New England. The White House cited the threat of warming oceans to the Northeast’s salmon, lobster and scallop populations as a reason for the president’s decision. At the Our Ocean Our Future conference, more than 20 other countries also said they will create marine protected areas. (NewsAPWashington Post $, NBC NewsPacific StandardNew York Times $, NPRNational GeographicGuardianThe HillCommentary: New York Times, Andrew Revkin column $)

GM Bets Big on Renewables: General Motors committed to power its operations in 59 countries with 100 percent renewable energy by 2050. The Detroit-based carmaker, whose total electricity demand for operations was nine terawatt hours last year, said it saves $5 million annually from renewable energy use. Earlier this week, GM revealed that its 2017 Chevy Bolt EV has a range of 238 miles per charge, outpacing Tesla’s Model 3 by 10 percent. (News: IndependentDetroit NewsBusinessGreenGreen Car CongressRoad and Track, UPI, Michigan RadioCommentary: Nexus Media, Jeremy Deaton column)

Washington Caps Carbon: Washington State adopted a carbon cap on large emitters, aiming to eliminate 167 million tons of CO2 equivalent through 2036. The cap, which will initially apply to businesses that emit more than 100,000 tons of carbon annually, could accrue $10 million in benefits. By 2035, the state estimates as many as 70 companies could be covered by the cap. (Politico Pro $, APSan Juan Islander, NWPR)

Arctic Ice Shrinks to Summer Low: Arctic sea ice shrank to just 1.60 million square miles this week, hitting its summer low point and reaching a statistical tie with 2007 for the second lowest extent on record. This year’s minimum is approximately one million square miles less than the 1979 to 2000 average. National Snow and Ice Data Center Director Mark Serreze said he wouldn’t be surprised if the Arctic were “essentially ice free” by 2030. (Washington Post $, APClimate CentralUSA TodayTIMEAlaska Dispatch NewsBBCCarbon BriefClimate Home)

US News
  • Exxon’s accounting practices are investigated (Wall Street Journal $)
  • Methane emissions too confusing for congressional hearings (Morning Consult)
  • Moniz advisers float carbon price and power payments to bolster nuclear (Politico Pro $)
  • NY releases ‘blueprint’ for developing wind energy plan (AP)
  • Trump vows to kill major energy regulations, hits ‘Big Oil’ in fight with refiners (Politico Pro $, E&E News $, Bloomberg)
  • ‘Ghost forests’ appear as rising seas kill trees (Climate Central)
  • BlackRock joins investor lawsuit against Volkswagen (Financial Times $, BBC)
  • Millennials are starting to realize that Clinton is not the same as Trump (Grist)
  • Other states balk at hiking utility fixed fee (Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal-Sentinel)
  • Volkswagen says it might not resume U.S. sales of diesel vehicles (Reuters)
  • Ben & Jerry’s puts its own ice cream flavors on ‘endangered pints’ list due to climate change (TIME)
  • Bill Gates backs biofuel company Renmatix (Fortune)
  • Fossil fuel money to GOP grows, and so does climate divide (InsideClimate News)
  • Tesla sues oil exec for impersonating Elon Musk in ‘deplorable and unlawful’ email (EcoWatch)
  • Vote on nation’s first carbon tax sets off environmental justice row (Fusion)
  • Amazon hires Lincoln Clean Energy to build a wind farm in Texas (Bloomberg)
  • First Solar’s new CEO details plan to challenge Chinese rivals (Bloomberg)
  • Resilient yet broken, small businesses seek help (E&E News $)
  • In NASCAR country, seeking more support for electric vehicles (Southeast Energy News)
  • California utility turns to Tesla for huge battery project (FortuneBloomberg)
  • Fact sheet confuses Trump position on ethanol (The Hill)
  • Will climate change make California’s droughts worse? A mountain lake offers clues (LA Times $)
  • Warm fall predicted but “La Nada” is a challenge for the forecast (USA Today)
  • NRG gets court approval to buy 2 gigawatts of SunEdison’s solar and wind projects (Greentech Media)
  • Back out of stealth: MiaSole goes after new solar markets with next-gen flexible solar product (Greentech Media)
  • These are the forgotten victims of the West’s drought (National Geographic)
  • This climate change memorial will slowly disappear as sea levels rises (Fast Co.Exist)
  • Extinction looms for native bird species on the Hawaiian island of Kauai (LA Times $)
  • American Electric Power to sell Midwest power plants for $2.17 billion (Wall Street Journal $)
  • How a pipeline leak in Alabama can move gas prices (Wall Street Journal $)
  • US Interior chief tours solar plant on tribal land in Nevada (AP)

World News

  • U.N. climate diplomat: EU needs say in talks despite slow ratification (Reuters)
  • EU targets October ratification of Paris climate accord (BloombergClimate Home)
  • U.N. expects 20 more nations to join Paris climate deal next week (Thomson Reuters Foundation)
  • UN cash crunch means poor face climate envoy funding axe (Climate Home)
  • ‘No room for doubt’: New science proves Zika causes microcephaly (Washington Post $)
  • ICAO’s carbon-offsetting scheme not adequate, groups say (AINOnline)
  • EU, Mexico, Marshall Islands back UN aviation pact (Climate Home)
  • Aviation hub Singapore commits to ICAO carbon market, but other nations shy (Carbon Pulse $)
  • Summer 2016 has seen some of the scariest observable effects of climate change yet (Mic)
  • German emitters downgrade EUA price expectations for 2020 by 18% -survey (Carbon Pulse $)
  • After Brexit blow, wind parks at sea undermine carbon prices (Bloomberg)
  • Cocoa production could be devastated by climate change, experts warn (Wall Street Journal $)
  • Shell’s carbon capture project in Alberta’s oilsands passes milestone (Global News)
  • South African national park to kill animals in response to severe drought (Guardian)
  • Melting glaciers may impact hydropower plans (China Dialogue)
  • China praised for renewable energy investment (XinhuaNet)
  • Renewables have the economic advantage over fossil fuels (The Ecologist)
  • Monitoring tropical rainforests’ health from space (Pacific Standard)
  • Is nuclear crucial to climate change targets? (
  • Epic climate cartoon goes viral, but it has one key problem (NPR)
  • Oil disaster investigator alarmed by BP Great Australian Bight response (Guardian)
  • Why Scotland won’t take the soft option on climate (Climate Home)
  • Australian coal industry records large losses, experts advise against investing super funds in the industry (ABC Australia)

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