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Hot News: September 15

By Climate Nexus

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A Thin Slice of the California Desert: The Bureau of Land Management released a plan dividing up 11 million acres of public land in the California desert among various uses. About 388,000 acres were designated for solar and wind farms, which could potentially power eight million homes. Millions of acres were also allocated for recreation and conservation. Renewable energy developers were disappointed with their significantly smaller slice of the pie, with one describing the plan as “a Model T in a Tesla world.” (Washington Post $, AP, ReutersThe HillPolitico Pro $, LA Times $, San Bernardino SunSan Francisco Chronicle)

Smith Subpoenas an Overreach:
 Expert testimonies at Wednesday’s House Science Committee hearing questioned the legality of the committee’s subpoenas of state attorneys general who are investigating Exxon’s climate denial. “Fraud investigation is the legitimate bread and butter of state attorneys general,” said Charles Tiefer, former acting general counsel to the House, who also noted that the subpoenas of state attorneys general by the congressional committee were unprecedented. Three witnesses called by Chair Lamar Smith argued he had the authority to issue the subpoenas. (News: New York Times $, InsideClimate NewsWashington Post $, Huffington PostSan Antonio ExpressThe HillThinkProgressPolitico Pro $, Albany Times UnionTexas ObserverHouston ChronicleMorning ConsultCommentary: (The Hill, Rep. Brad Miller op-edThe Hill, Mary Boeve op-edNew Yorker, Lawrence M. Krauss op-ed $)Renewables – So Hot Right Now: The International Energy Agency’s latest report signals a “broad reorientation” toward clean energy, with renewables accounting for a fifth of the total $1.8 trillion energy spending in 2015. The highest ever investment in renewable power shows the success of governmental measures in aiding the clean energy transition. “But we need to triple efforts to meet the Paris targets,” emphasized IEA director Fatih Birol. (News: Financial Times $, Washington Post $, Business Standard, BloombergClean TechnicaGuardianCommentary: Carbon Brief, Simon Evans analysisBloomberg, Liam Denning column)
US News
  • Americans appear willing to pay for a carbon tax policy (New York Times $)
  • Louisiana Republicans: This isn’t like Sandy (The Hill)
  • Outdated FEMA flood maps don’t account for climate change (NPRE&E News $)
  • Moniz: Feds don’t have fast fixes for nuclear woes (Politico Pro $)
  • Obama to create Atlantic Ocean’s first marine monument (New York Times $, The HillNPRTIMEWashington Post $)
  • Gov. Brown signs new laws to boost climate change spending in California’s low-income communities (LA Times $)
  • The school doomed by climate change (The Atlantic)
  • The U.S. rooftop solar boom is grinding to a halt (Bloomberg)
  • Maine PUC proposing to phase out incentives for home solar panels (Portland Press Herald)
  • Experts ponder whether Supreme Court will have ultimate say (Greenwire $)
  • Inside Nest’s 50,000-home virtual power plant for Southern California Edison (Greentech Media)
  • Where is bay pollution coming from? Scientists turn to the currents  (Miami Herald)
  • John Kerry is ‘more and more confident’ Paris climate deal will come into force soon (Washington Post $)
  • The sound of climate change (The Atlantic)
  • Steve King applies faulty reasoning of climate denial to same-sex parenting (Think Progress)
  • Rare tropical storm forms over land in northern Florida (NPR)
  • Wind costs could fall 41 percent (reNews)
  • Report outlines challenges to recycling North Carolina coal ash (Southeast Energy News)
  • Why US military officials are concerned about climate change (Christian Science Monitor)
  • Rutgers awarded $3 million to fight climate change (North Jersey)
  • Coal CEO: Drop climate debate, focus on coal’s role in emissions reduction (SNL$)
  • Shock work stoppage pulls oil industry into Dakota pipeline fight (Politico Pro $)

World News

  • EU faces ‘ridicule’ over delay to ratify Paris climate deal (Climate Home)
  • Climate change and the Marshall Islands: lives in the balance (Guardian)
  • Typhoon Meranti makes landfall in China after sweeping Taiwan (TIMECNNUSA TodayReuters)
  • An underwater investigation of coral bleaching in the South Pacific (TIME)
  • Hinkley Point C nuclear power station gets government green light (GuardianNew York Times $, Wall Street Journal $, Reuters)
  • Heatwave adds to pressure on UK power networks (BBC)
  • Nicolas Sarkozy says climate change not caused by man (Politico)
  • Climate targets mean an end to oil-fuelled cars by 2035 (Climate HomeReuters)
  • Jet fuel from waste industrial gases nears lift-off (Climate HomeBloomberg)
  • How protecting huge swaths of the ocean became the new environmental obsession (Washington Post $)
  • Every single part of the Arctic is becoming worse for polar bears (Washington Post $)
  • How data and machine learning are changing the solar industry (Fortune)
  • A market-roiling La Nina is dividing world weather forecasters (Bloomberg)
  • Palm oil producers unite to tackle green concerns (Financial Times $)
  • Researchers use augmented reality to teach kids about climate change (
  • Manchester experiences epic storms, social media explodes with pics, videos (Mashable)
  • UK pitches China for climate-friendly finance trillions (Climate Home)
  • Winemakers toil to beat the heat of climate change (Wall Street Journal $)
  • China clean energy generators face $9 bln subsidy shortfall -official (Reuters)
  • What the ‘sixth extinction’ will look like in the oceans: The largest species die off first (Washington Post $, AP)
  • Maize genetics may show how crops adapt to climate change (
  • Switching banks: nearly half of all Australians would consider move over climate change (Guardian)
  • Will global warming make fish stupid? (City Lab)
  • Britain’s leading climate change sceptic Nigel Lawson says global warming is real (Independent)
  • Prepare your portfolio for climate change: BlackRock (CNBC)
  • How ‘zombie’ oil companies stay alive in life-or-death debt markets (Bloomberg)

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