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Hot News: September 12

By Hot News: September 12

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Offshore Wind Spins Up: The Obama administration unveiled the National Offshore Wind Strategy aimed at driving major investment in wind farms along the US coastline. The plan envisions 86 gigawatts of electricity generated by offshore wind by 2050, which could reduce US emissions by 1.8 percent, support approximately 160,000 jobs and power 23 million homes. America’s first 30-megawatt wind farm off of Rhode Island is expected to begin operating in early November. (Climate CentralWBURMorning ConsultE&E News $, Christian Science Monitor)

Feds Pause Dakota Pipeline Construction: Federal agencies temporarily refused to grant permits for the proposed $3.7 billion Dakota Access pipeline, which has been strongly opposed by nearly 200 Native American tribes and environmental groups. The 1,134-mile oil pipeline, which crosses four states, has been called the next Keystone XL. The administration also announced that it will review how tribal input is incorporated into reviews for similar projects going forward. (NewsInsideClimate NewsTIMENew York Times $, ReutersThe AtlanticWall Street Journal $, MashableLA Times $, ThinkProgressCommentary: Financial Times editorial $; Vox, Brad Plumer column)

Major Storms on the Rise: The number of higher intensity storms has doubled in the Atlantic basin since the 1970s, according to an analysis by Climate Central. The average number of named hurricanes each year has climbed from five to seven, though most haven’t made landfall. There is increasing evidence linking ocean temperatures, which have risen 4°F in the Atlantic, to the growing number of high intensity storms in the Atlantic. (Climate Central)

US News
  • Obama eyes big finish on climate (The Hill)
  • U.S. utility solar enjoys building boom in second quarter but residential slows (ReutersBloomberg)
  • The curious case of a climate denier and a utilities conference (InsideClimate News)
  • RGGI auction clears near market at $4.54 as bidding wanes (Carbon Pulse $)
  • VW engineer pleads guilty in U.S. criminal case over diesel emissions (New York Times $)
  • With 2 weeks to oral arguments, EPA rule events begin anew (E&E News $)
  • We need ‘somebody spectacular’: Views from Trump country (New York Times $)
  • Louisiana flood costs nearly double some estimates thanks to climate change, 80 percent uninsured (Mic)
  • Republicans to scrutinize EPA methane rulemaking (E&E News $)
  • Toasty nights propel Maryland and several Northeast states to hottest August on record (Washington Post $)
  • The new Karma Revero is not just a $130,000 Tesla wannabe (Bloomberg)
  • Does Washington, D.C., need a climate-change memorial? (City Lab)
  • Clinton and Trump polar opposites on global warming and energy (San Francisco Chronicle)
  • California nears adoption of energy-saving rules for computers (Reuters)
  • 15 House races where green issues are prominent (E&E News $)
  • Kids vs. feds: Fate of historic climate lawsuit in 4 days (EcoWatch)
  • Greens, steel union team up to elect Senate Dems (The Hill)
  • Here are all the ways that politicians lie about science (Mother Jones)
  • Marine conservation efforts just took a major step forward (Mashable)
  • Clean energy firms lobby Congress as much as dirty firms do (Greenwire $)
  • Christie huddles with energy lobbyists on Trump transition (Politico)
  • Willard Fire burning west of Susanville (Reno Gazette-Journal)
  • Meet the small gray songbird that has restricted so much California coastal development (LA Times $)

World News

  • UK must move now on carbon capture to save consumers billions, says report (GuardianReutersBloomberg)
  • It’s too late to save the glaciers, but scientists are saving some pieces in an Antarctic vault (Wired)
  • India dithers as China and the US ratify Paris climate pact (Scroll)
  • Arctic ice shrinks by size of England in a single day (The Times $)
  • Paris Agreement drives shift to green economy but huge challenges remain (EurActiv)
  • China’s commitment vital in global climate action: experts (Xinhua)
  • Welcome to Carlisle, the British city with a climate change bull’s-eye (New York Times $)
  • EU wants to make 30% energy use cuts by 2030 legally binding (Ars Technica)
  • The surprising link between the tapirs of Costa Rica and climate change (Ensia)
  • Japan’s lurch away from nuclear hasn’t caused fossil fuels to boom (Ars Technica)
  • China offset portfolio balloons as developers rush to beat expected rule change (Carbon Pulse $)
  • China’s green car subsidy scandal spreads, 20 more car makers named (Reuters)
  • DiCaprio unveils climate change film ‘before the flood’ (New York Times $)
  • EU regulators poised to seek deeper cut in energy use: draft (Reuters)
  • Australia’s carbon budget to be exhausted in six years, Stockholm group says (Sydney Morning Herald $)
  • This is what Greenland’s melting ice looks like — up close (Washington Post $)
  • Volkswagen, Robert Bosch met in 2014 to discuss emissions software, suit says (Wall Street Journal $)
  • Exclusive: Hungry for power, Myanmar bets on hydro in new energy plan (Reuters)
  • Green-powered boat prepares for round-the-world voyage (AFP)
  • Solar power sector handed huge boost by ARENA funding (Sydney Morning Herald$)
  • AES CEO: Company to phase out new global coal plant construction (Utility Dive)
  • Legal wins, coal price up but Adani’s Australian mine still “unbankable” (Climate Home)
  • Energy storage: how an abandoned goldmine will be converted into a world first (Guardian)
  • South Africa yearns for November rains as worst drought persists (Bloomberg)
  • Men are ruining the planet because they think green products are “feminine” (Mic)
  • Facing the change: 50 percent of Lennox Island, P.E.I., could be underwater in 50 years (CBC News)
  • Cuts to renewables agency will hurt Australia’s global R&D ranking, says report (Guardian)
  • Climate change affecting wine production in New South Wales central west (ABC Australia)
  • Extreme flooding predicted to hit Mali’s Inner Niger Delta (Thomson Reuters Foundation)
  • DONG Energy installs world’s largest wind turbine (Clean Technica)

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