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Hot News: October 5

By Hot News: October 5

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Hurricane Matthew Leaves 11 Dead: Hurricane Matthew, the most powerful hurricane to hit Haiti in more than 50 years, has displaced thousands of people and left at least 11 dead. It is increasingly likely that Matthew, now a Category 3 storm, will impact the East Coast later this week. South Carolina has ordered the evacuation of more than one million coastal residents while Florida and Georgia declared states of emergency. The hurricane maintained Category 4-5 strength longer than any October hurricane on record, fueled by warmer-than-average seas. (NewsWashington Post $, NBC NewsGuardianUSA TodayBBCFox NewsWLTXCNNSlateABC NewsNew York Times $, Miami HeraldLive ScienceCommentaryIB Times, Clark Mindock analysis $. BackgroundClimate Signals)

VP Debate Brushes Past Climate Issues: Climate change and renewable energy were largely ignored at the vice-presidential debate as moderator Elaine Quijano did not ask a climate question. Sen. Tim Kaine briefly mentioned the issues during his opening remarks, saying he is proud of Clinton’s vision to build “strong alliances to battle terrorism and climate change” and highlighted plans to invest in research on “clean energy jobs of tomorrow.” Gov. Mike Pence referenced a “war on coal” at least five times during the debate. (NewsGristGuardianAPThink ProgressCommentary:Washington Post, Stephen Stromberg column $)

Climate Change Divides, Renewables Unite: Americans remain sharply divided on the issue of climate change based on their party allegiance, a new poll by the Pew Research Center shows. About 72 percent of Democrats say they care about climate change but only 24 percent of Republicans say the same. Seventy percent of liberal Democrats say information from climate scientists is accurate, compared with just 15 percent of conservative Republicans. The poll did reveal strong bipartisan support for solar and wind energy, with 89 percent of Americans from both parties supporting more solar power. (New York Times $, VOA NewsMarketWatchIB Times $, MotherboardPacific StandardCityLabLA Times $, Christian Science MonitorPacific StandardTIMELA Times $, Gothamist)

Industrial Emissions Fall: Emissions from large industrial sources, which represent about half of total US greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, fell nearly five percent between 2014 and 2015, according to the EPA’s latest Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program data. This is a significant drop after emissions increased 0.5 percent from 2013 to 2014. Emissions from nearly 1,500 power plants, representing a third of the country’s total GHG emissions, fell 6.2 percent in the same period and 11.3 percent from 2011 to 2015. (Politico Pro $, Environmental Leader)

US News
  • Al Gore to campaign for Clinton, hoping to galvanize young voters on climate change (Washington Post $)
  • Someone finally asked a debate question about the world’s most important issue (Mother Jones)
  • Trump meets with energy CEOs opposed to fracking votes he backs (BloombergThe Hill)
  • Donald Trump is a ‘threat to the planet’, says world-leading climate change scientist (Independent)
  • GOP senators battle to decide majority, climate direction (Bloomberg BNA)
  • For Exxon, hybrid car technology was another road not taken (InsideClimate News)
  • Opponents line up legal challenges to Washington State carbon cap (Carbon Pulse $)
  • McDonald’s is moving to sustainable coffee in latest menu change (Bloomberg)
  • Here’s where utility-scale solar is thriving in the United States (Greentech Media)
  • Solar power project announced for former coal-burning plant (WAMC)
  • Proposed legislation would further weaken Ohio clean energy standards (Midwest Energy News)
  • Disappearing Yosemite glacier becomes symbol of climate change (Sacramento Bee)
  • Great Lakes wind energy plans cause concerns about risks to birds (WBFO)
  • America’s most environmentally conscious restaurant happens to serve amazing food (VICE)
  • FERC to explore role of energy storage in wholesale markets (Utility Dive)
  • From Amazon to Wal-Mart, deals add up in Texas and beyond (E&E News $)
  • World’s largest carbon capture retrofit on track to open (ClimateWire $)
  • Altus Power America raises $205 million for solar expansion (Wall Street Journal$)
  • Nuclear power lobby names new CEO (The Hill)
  • Candidates spar over drought, gas leak (Greenwire $)
  • Republicans split over renewing alternative-energy tax breaks (Bloomberg)
  • Van Jones speaks as part of ‘Confronting Climate Change’ (Williams Record)
  • What is the role of celebrities in the climate change conversation? (Christian Science Monitor)
  • GOES-R will revolutionize U.S. weather satellites (Climate Central)
  • Lifeline worth billions thrown to utilities after slump (Bloomberg)
  • Oil explorer claims major Alaskan find (Wall Street Journal $)
  • Dakota Access combatants hope for clues from key court hearing (Politico Pro $)
  • Young Conservatives want renewable energy (KIOW)

World News

  • Qatar set to opt into UN aviation climate pact (Climate Home)
  • The Paris climate agreement is entering into force. Now comes the hard part. (Washington Post $, Pacific StandardWall Street Journal $, The Hill)
  • NZ ratifies Paris climate change agreement (RNZ)
  • ‘Crisis is a way of life’: helping farmers cope with devastating climate change (Guardian)
  • Climate scientist James Hansen: We aren’t doing nearly enough to slow climate change (Think Progress)
  • China rushes to boost coal as rally warns: Winter is coming (Bloomberg)
  • Shipowners call for IMO timeline to reduce greenhouse gas emission (Splash)
  • Is the UK about to break G7 fossil fuel subsidy pledge? (Climate Home)
  • SA blackout due to ‘transmission system faults’ in extreme weather, report finds (Guardian)
  • Why the new climate math is a declaration of war (Climate Home)
  • ‘Significant opportunities’ for low-carbon cities (BBC)
  • English village strives for carbon neutrality (Deutsche Welle)
  • Premier supports minister’s walkout on climate talks (CBC News)
  • Which species will be hardest to save from climate change? (Vocativ)
  • Damselfish relocate to adapt to rising temperatures on Great Barrier Reef, scientists say (ABC)
  • Arctic methane gas emission ‘significantly increased since 2014’ – major new research  (Siberian Times)
  • Development aid: Bringing light to the darkness (Spiegel Online)
  • Catholic groups announce massive divestment from fossil fuels (ThinkProgress)
  • India already has a problem with wasting renewable energy on the grid (Greentech Media)
  • Pipeline split among Canada aboriginals seen as risk to wealth (Bloomberg)

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