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Hot News: October 26

By Climate Nexus

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Clinton, Trump Advisers Debate Energy: Trevor Houser and Rep. Kevin Cramer, advisers to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, sparred over energy policy at an event hosted by the University of Richmond. The debate highlighted stark differences between the two campaigns on an issue that was barely mentioned during the presidential debates. Cramer called for federal policy that is neutral to all energy sources including fossil fuels, attacked the Paris Agreement and incorrectly stated that the US has an insignificant impact on the climate. Houser criticized the “war on coal” narrative, reiterated Clinton’s plan for a low carbon future and attacked Trump’s climate denial. (The Hill)

Judge Approves Dieselgate Settlement: A US federal judge approved a $14.7 billion settlement in the Volkswagen “Dieselgate” scandal. This is one of the largest consumer lawsuits affecting more than 475,000 diesel cars in the US. The settlement gives VW owners the option to sell their vehicle back or get a free fix. The German carmaker will also pay $4.7 billion for environmental programs and promotion of zero-emissions vehicles. (Wall Street Journal $, LA Times $, Chicago TribuneReutersDetroit NewsUSA TodayNew York Times $, NPRBloomberg)

Coal Not a Poverty Solution: Building new coal capacity is a false solution for eradicating energy poverty, according to a new report by more than a dozen international organizations. Debunking the industry’s assertion that coal has lifted millions out of poverty, the report highlights how building new coal capacity is incompatible with global climate goals and disproportionately affects the poor. “The evidence is clear: a lasting solution to poverty requires the world’s wealthiest economies to renounce coal,” the report says. (NewsBlue & Green TomorrowPress AssociationPublic Finance InternationalEngineering & TechnologyCommentaryVox, David Roberts column)

West Antarctica’s Rapid Melt: Three glaciers in West Antarctica have undergone “intense unbalanced melting”, risking their stability and further acceleration of sea level rise. New research published in Nature Communications found that the Smith, Pope and Kohler glaciers in the Amundsen Sea embayment collectively lost about 1,000 feet of ice from 2002 to 2009. This rapid melt shows how glaciers are being eaten away from the bottom due to a large increase in ocean heat. (Wall Street Journal $, Bloomberg, NPRClimate CentralMashableWashington Post $, TakePartXinhuaGizmodoMotherboard

US News
  • White House weighing whether greenhouse gas deal needs senate approval (Reuters)
  • Clouds gather in rooftop solar’s biggest U.S. market (Reuters)
  • Sandy’s lessons lost: Jersey Shore rebuilds in sea’s inevitable path (InsideClimate News)
  • Ky. says ‘pencils down,’ but one group is writing a plan (ClimateWire $)
  • Trump: Renewable energy is murdering eagles (GizmodoAtlanta Journal ConstitutionGrist)
  • Donald Trump has close financial ties to Dakota Access pipeline company (Guardian)
  • Over 120 arrested at North Dakota pipeline protests, including journalists (GuardianThe HillThink Progress)
  • In South Florida, Clinton pushes Murphy, warns voters: ‘It’s going be a close election’ (Miami Herald)
  • Climate envoy warns against ‘backsliding’ from Paris pact (The Hill)
  • There are no people backing Florida’s deceptive solar amendment. Only corporations. (Think Progress)
  • Watch Leonardo DiCaprio’s climate change doc online for free (EcoWatch)
  • Is SolarCity abandoning Silevo’s high-efficiency PV technology? (Greentech Media)
  • New analysis shreds claim that Death Valley recorded Earth’s hottest temperature in 1913 (Washington Post $)
  • Turbines from outer space lift Lockheed into new energy frontier (Bloomberg)
  • Trump, Clinton polar opposites on climate change, so why no debate? (Minnesota Public Radio)
  • Heat, then deluge fell a town’s beloved 600-year-old oak (Climate Central)
  • Corporate leaders urge GOP to reinstate renewable energy (
  • Climate change diversifies Michigan wine (Great Lakes Echo)
  • West Virginia candidate for governor owes millions in taxes (AP)
  • This hacked Clinton campaign email shows why ‘serious’ people just don’t get climate change (The Week)
  • Michael Bloomberg co-authoring climate change book (AP)
  • The polar vortex is coming back (ClimateWire $)
  • Leonardo DiCaprio calls out lack of climate change questions during debates (CNN)
  • Zika virus: ‘We will see this become endemic’ CDC says (Miami Herald)
  • APS, SolarCity plan TV ads to back their picks for Corporation Commission (AZ Central)
  • Some scientists say climate change contributed to the historic rainfall that caused the August flood, but others aren’t so sure (Greater Baton Rouge Business Report)
  • Fundamental changes in power industry will change life in NJ, northeast (NJ Spotlight)
  • Report: State support of clean energy could add jobs, cut consumer costs (Columbus Dispatch)
  • D.E.Shaw proposes to replace SunEdison as TerraForm Power sponsor (Reuters)
  • Making a better phone battery from beer brewery waste (Fast CoExist)
  • How tree cover can offer shortcut to estimating biodiversity (Christian Science Monitor)

World News

  • UN faces deadlock over shipping climate deal plans (Climate Home)
  • 800,000 Haitians in “dire need” of food after Hurricane Matthew, UN warns (Mic)
  • Sweden on track to meet 100-percent renewables target by 2040-regulator (Reuters)
  • Climate change: Scientists seek to find the ‘tipping point’ of ocean acidification around NZ (New Zealand Herald)
  • China official confirms 2020 carbon tax plan (Carbon Pulse $)
  • Climate is hotter, drier and more turbulent (Australia Financial Review)
  • Australia’s coal seam gas emissions may be vastly underestimated – report (Guardian)
  • Algeria aims to accelerate diversification, subsidy reforms (Reuters)
  • Northern Great Barrier Reef coral bleaching damage worse, surveys suggest (Sydney Morning Herald $)
  • Aboriginal, environmental groups to sue Canada over Petronas LNG project (Reuters)
  • Latin America auctions bring low solar prices—but challenges remain (Greentech Media)
  • Is red meat bad for the environment? How climate change is affected by beef and other animal products (IB Times)
  • Scientist calls for crackdown on methane gas leaks (Climate Home)
  • Floating solar-cell test bed is world’s largest (Straits Times)
  • US official: China’s purchase of NKorean coal ‘unacceptable’ (AP)
  • Oil buckles as investors cast doubt on an OPEC output deal (Reuters)

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