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Hot News: October 20

By Climate Nexus

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Climate Change Goes 0-for-3 in Debates: Debate moderator Chris Wallace failed to ask a question on climate change or energy policy in the final presidential debate. The issue got two seconds of airtime when Hillary Clinton mentioned her plan for new clean energy jobs to fight climate change. Only two percent of the total time in the three debates was spent on climate and energy policy, due mostly to an audience question in the second debate — not a single moderator asked a climate question. (Vox, Brad Plumer columnNew York Times, Paul Krugman column $; Grist, Emma Foehringer Merchant columnMashable, Andrew Freedman columnHuffington Post, Kate Sheppard columnGuardian, Oliver Milman analysisNew York Times, David Leonhardt column $; ThinkProgress, Joe Romm columnDiscover, Tom Yulsman columnFusion, Ari Phillips columnUSA Today editorialEngadget, Mat Smith columnBustle, Cheyna Roth column)

Solar “Political Jiu-Jitsu”: Florida’s Amendment 1 ballot initiative is an “incredibly savvy maneuver” that disguises anti-rooftop solar policy as pro-solar, an insider admitted. Sal Nuzzo, vice-president of the James Madison Institute that provided research for the utility-backed solar amendment, was caught on tape detailing the industry’s strategy. The amendment “would completely negate anything they (pro-solar interests) would try to do either legislatively or constitutionally down the road,” Nuzzo says. Opponents of Amendment 1 say this recording vindicates their assertions that the initiative is intentionally deceptive. (News: Miami HeraldThinkProgressTampa Bay TimesGreentech MediaSunshine State NewsWMNFFox 4CommentaryForbes, William Pentland op-edOrlando Sentinel, Paula Dockery op-edPanama City News Herald editorial)

Typhoon Haima Displaces Tens of Thousands in Philippines: Super Typhoon Haima made landfall on the Philippines’ Luzon Island as a Category 4 storm, just days after Typhoon Sarika dumped 20 inches of rain on the island. Nearly 100,000 people have been evacuated with at least seven reported deaths. There’s been major flooding, landslides and significant damage to infrastructure. The storm, known locally as Lawin, is the strongest since Super Typhoon Haiyan in 2013 that killed more than 6,000 people. Theintensity of landfalling typhoons in the northwest Pacific has increased markedly since the 1970s. (News: BBCReutersCNNWall Street Journal $, Washington Post$, MashableNew York Times $, Climate HomeAl JazeeraAFPAPAl JazeeraBackground: Climate Signals)

US News
  • Wrangling the climate impact of California dairy (Civil Eats)
  • Clinton’s ‘uncaring’ tone undermines her plans for coal country (Financial Times$)
  • Schneiderman says a ‘dark money machine’ is bolstering Exxon’s push against his office (Politico)
  • What happened to fall? More heat records set Wednesday (USA Today)
  • Scientists find 500 U.S. seabed vents of powerful greenhouse gas (Reuters)
  • 9 cities to live in if you’re worried about climate change (New York Times $)
  • Trump’s EPA attacks spook former GOP chiefs (Politico Pro $)
  • Scientists accidentally discover method to turn carbon dioxide into ethanol (TIME)
  • As California water use rises, some ask: Were limits eased too soon? (New York Times $)
  • VW judge says he’s ‘strongly’ leaning toward approving accord (Bloomberg)
  • In Colorado, a ballot measure to end all the anti-fracking ballot measures (InsideClimate News)
  • The dismantling of Obama’s climate legacy by a President Donald Trump (Think Progress)
  • Baltimore County puts temporary halt to large solar fields on farms (Baltimore Sun)
  • US ignored rising-sea warnings at radar site (AP)
  • Climate change: Extreme environments to require new equipment, tougher ships (National Defense)
  • U.S. health insurers are in denial about climate change (Market Watch)
  • Colorado’s share of Volkswagen emissions settlement: $61M (Denver Post)
  • Wikileaks emails show Clinton defended fracking, passed on carbon tax during primary (Utility Dive)
  • Get ready for the rooftop solar stall (Bloomberg)
  • IPO hopeful Bloom Energy enlisted Colin Powell for tax-credit extension (Wall Street Journal $)
  • Conservationists, regulators dispute size of coal ash spill (AP)
  • DOE awards $80M for first large-scale supercritical CO2 pilot plant (Utility Dive)
  • Lawsuit seeks to halt New York subsidies for upstate nuclear plants (New York Times $, Reuters)
  • Greens put $3M into NC Senate race (The Hill)
  • Greens troll Trump with climate change Snapchat filter (The Hill)
  • Podesta doesn’t deny calling Sanders a ‘doofus’ in hacked email (The Hill)
  • EON, peers start counting cost of $26 billion nuclear exit (Bloomberg)
  • EnergySavvy raises $14m to help utilities beyond efficiency programs (Greentech Media)
  • Minnesota Power will close two Iron Range coal-fired plants (Minneapolis Star Tribune)
  • Pa. ‘wasteland’ turns economic engine (Greenwire $)
  • Bayh tries to fend off attacks over climate, lobbying (Greenwire $)
  • Building codes could offset CO2 from 245 coal plants — study (Greenwire $)
  • How Ariz. became a hot spot in the West’s solar battles (ClimateWire)

World News

  • Exxon CEO: world needs oil of five Saudi Arabias by 2040 (Climate HomeFinancial Times $, ReutersThinkProgress)
  • Saudi Arabia says oil industry must meet climate goals (Climate Home)
  • Shifting tropical cyclones increases threat to sinking Mekong delta (Carbon Brief)
  • Antarctic ice shelf collapse pits fishing against science (Climate Home)
  • China increases limits on construction of coal-fired power plants (Reuters)
  • Satellite images show Hurricane Matthew’s devastating mark on Haiti (Mashable)
  • BRICS not building enough investment in clean energy, study finds (PV Magazine)
  • Germany unveils plan to pay for nuclear clean-up (Financial Times $)
  • Ice detectives scramble before climate change destroys evidence of itself (Scientific American)
  • France burns coal like it’s 1984 as prices jump on atomic woes (Bloomberg)
  • Finally, the world may protect one of the most pristine parts of the Southern Ocean (Washington Post $)
  • Indonesia ratifies Paris climate deal. Will it make a difference? (Christian Science Monitor)
  • The secret life of krill (New York Times $)
  • Climate change is paying big dividends for coffee investors (Market Watch)
  • Arsenal signs up Octopus Energy for green energy switch (BusinessGreen $)
  • China’s renewables industry forced to target market mechs as govt plans subsidy cuts (Carbon Pulse $)
  • Podesta email dump reveals tight US-China climate ties (Climate Home)
  • NZ’s greenhouse gas bill could top $70 billion (RNZ)
  • World Coal Association exhorts India for sustainable use of cleaner coal (New Kerela)
  • India’s rooftop solar power capacity crosses 1 gigawatt mark: report (NDTV)
  • LNG sector ready to meet shipping industry demand  (World Maritime News)
  • When glaciers transform into deadly 150-mph avalanches (Atlantic)
  • $5.4 billion Melanesian ocean economy in peril (Guardian)
  • Feeding cows seaweed could slash global greenhouse gas emissions, researchers say (ABC Australia)
  • Renewables forecast contradicts government claim on controlling costs (Carbon Brief)
  • Connected cars could be big energy savers, or not (Politico)
  • Autumn anglers face the heat as warmer oceans cut salmon runs (The Times $)
  • The world’s biggest oil kingdom reverses course (Bloomberg)
  • Canadian Solar, Unisun buy stakes in Suzlon projects (Bloomberg)

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