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Hot News: October 14

By Climate Nexus

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Unrelenting Floods in North Carolina, Cholera in Haiti: Parts of North Carolina are still flooded days after Hurricane Matthew dumped record-breaking rainfall, with up to 10 feet of water remaining in some areas. The death toll has risen to at least 22 and two major interstates are still closed due to floodwaters, which are expected to crest today. Many affected by Matthew across the Southeast do not have flood insurance — as of August, only nine percent of homeowners in North Carolina were insured against flooding. In Haiti, at least 200 fresh cases of cholera have been reported since Matthew, sparking fears of a repeat of the 2010 outbreak. (NCNew York Times $, APWall Street Journal $, WxShiftReutersMashableUSA TodayWRBLCNNNBC NewsCharlotte ObserverRTAtlanticHaitiBBCGuardianMedical DailyEconomist $, APLA Times $. Background: Climate Signals)

Louisiana Plans Better For Climate Change: Louisiana’s 2017 Coastal Master Plan is being rewritten to factor in accelerating climate impacts. In the 2012 edition, officials had predicted “no net loss” of land by 2035, but have abandoned that provision in the new plan. Instead, their $50 billion budget will include at least 200 projects to reduce land loss and protect against storm surge. (New Orleans Times-Picayune)

Negative on Negative Emissions: Countries should not factor negative emissions technologies into their greenhouse gas mitigation strategies, according to scientists in a new paper. “Negative-emission technologies are not an insurance policy, but rather an unjust and high-stakes gamble,” wrote authors Kevin Anderson and Glen Peters, warning that the world could be locked into high-temperature pathways if the technologies do not prove successful in the future. On Wednesday, the UK government’s Committee on Climate Change said the use of negative emission technologies “will be central” if the UK intends to achieve net-zero emissions as laid out in the Paris Agreement. (Climate CentralWashington Post $)

US News
  • Rep. Loretta Sanchez challenges state Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris to Senate debate on climate change (LA Times $)
  • The lies Trump told this week: from murder rates to climate change (Guardian)
  • Obama worries partisan climate ‘not good for science’ (The HillCNBC)
  • A few GOP candidates win environmentalists’ support (Morning Consult)
  • U.S. conservative group backs Republicans who favor clean energy (Reuters)
  • Clinton camp worried carbon tax would be ‘lethal’ (The HillPolitico Pro $)
  • Federal judge in Texas gives Exxon right to see Mass. attorney general’s records (Washington Post $, The HillBloombergAP)
  • Fact Check: Ken Buck’s “radical climate change agenda” statement at odds with Department of Defense (Denver Post $)
  • All capacity brought online in August was powered by solar or wind (SNL $)
  • NJ utility head doubts NY clean energy plan, and Cuomo energy czar responds (Politico)
  • Green group coached Clinton campaign on questionnaire answers, emails show (Politico Pro $)
  • SEC investigating SunEdison, company says (St. Louis Business Journal)
  • U.S. natgas production to decline for first year since 2005: EIA STEO (Reuters)
  • Company wants to build huge solar array in Nevada desert (AP)
  • Portland’s Green Sports Alliance gets boost from Obama (Portland Business Journal)
  • Big Sky solar: On the long, hard road to net metering reform in Montana (Utility Dive)
  • The haunting sound of climate change over 100 years (Huffington Post)
  • SolarReserve planning world’s largest solar farm for $5 billion (Bloomberg)
  • Kids and elderly people in these 9 states spend a scary amount of time near fracking (ThinkProgress)
  • Bernie Sanders called for a halt to the Dakota Access Pipeline. Why won’t Hillary Clinton? (Mother Jones)
  • Top U.S. climate negotiator warns the world is watching our deplorable election (Grist)
  • ConEdison building 5.3-megawatt solar project in Massachusetts (Bloomberg)
  • Bernie Sanders just asked President Obama to halt the Dakota access pipeline (Mother Jones)
  • Meet the 16 year old climate change activist suing the U.S. government (Huffington Post)
  • Even in super-green Washington, a proposed statewide carbon tax could be a turnoff (LA Times $)
  • Meet Alaska’s renewable energy ‘imagineer’ (Greenwire $)
  • Advocates aim to ‘connect the dots’ on climate, asthma link (Greenwire $)
  • Documentary filmmaker charged with conspiracy in pipeline protests (ReutersThe Hill)
  • Winter heating costs likely to increase (NPR)
  • Climate-change models inform negotiators, engage regular folks (Citizen-Times)

World News

  • Nations seek deal to reduce HFCs; could dent global warming (APReutersPolitico Pro $, Indian ExpressClimate Home)
  • With 120-mph winds, Nicole ties the strongest hurricane on record to strike Bermuda (Washington Post $, MashableUSA TodayNPR)
  • UK’s dirtiest funds revealed (Financial Times $)
  • Energy efficiency is key to taking on climate change—here are the numbers that matter (Fast CoExist)
  • BRICS need additional $51 billion annually to meet renewable targets (PTI)
  • Breakage of monumental B.C. iceberg quietly sounds climate change alarm (Globe and Mail)
  • Slow-motion wrecks: how thawing permafrost is destroying Arctic cities (Guardian)
  • Saudi Arabia blasts Korean bank for “playing” with UN climate fund (Climate Home)
  • Sustainable agriculture could unlock $2.3tr in added value from 2030 (BusinessGreen $)
  • New pictures show Great Barrier Reef is not repairing itself as it should (Independent)
  • EU’s wait for U.S. LNG may be decided in Chinese coal mines (Bloomberg)
  • Electric vehicles could go first at traffic lights under UK clean air zone plans (Guardian)
  • Solar panels only work properly on nine days a year (The Times)
  • Electric vehicles set to pass major milestone this year (ThinkProgress)
  • Mother Nature and a hydropower onslaught aren’t the Mekong Delta’s only problems (Mongabay)
  • India blocks Pakistan climate change project at Green Climate Fund board meeting (Business Standard)
  • GST rate on polluting items may be higher (Financial Express)
  • Has climate change led to the surge in Japanese Encephalitis cases in Assam and Manipur? (Scroll)
  • Infiniti’s VC-turbo S.U.V.: A ‘leap ahead’ in efficiency (New York Times $)
  • A comet smashing into ancient Earth may have set off catastrophic global warming (Washington Post $)
  • Canadian hydro: A lifeline for northeastern clean energy goals? (Greentech Media)

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