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Hot News: November 9, 2016

By Climate Nexus

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Trump Declared President: Donald Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States last night, defying all polls and predictions. Trump, who has been critical of international and domestic climate programs including the Paris Agreement, did not mention climate change in his first speech after being declared the winner. The Paris climate deal, which entered into force on November 4, is overwhelmingly supported by major businesses, cities and civil society groups in the US. Though the outcome has cast a shadow over COP22, participants said they are committed to pushing climate action forward. Katherine Egland of the NAACP said, “In the tradition of an old civil rights rallying song, the climate movement is like a tree that’s standing by the water — we shall not be moved!” (News: BloombergIndependentNatureReutersAPBusinessGreen $, Politico Pro $, E&E News $, Wall Street Journal $, QuartzPV MagazineBuzzfeedClimate HomeIB Times $, New ScientistGuardianCommentary: Climate Home, Thomas Hale op-edVox, Brad Plumer columnSlate, Will Oremus analysisThe National, LeAnne Graves analysisGrist, Rebecca Leber analysisNew York Times editorial $; Wall Street Journal, Holman Jenkins Jr op-ed $)

Solar Wins in FL: Voters in Florida rejected the utility-funded Amendment 1 ballot initiative that would have severely limited rooftop solar in the Sunshine State. The measure, which received nearly $30 million in funding, was widely criticized for its misleading language. In Washington state, Initiative 732, which sought to create a statewide carbon tax, failed to pass. (Florida: Miami HeraldThe HillPoliticoClick OrlandoTallahassee DemocratAPFlorida TodayWFLACBSOrlando SentinelHuffington PostWashington: Seattle TimesPuget Sound Business JournalHuffington PostKing5APPolitico Pro $)

Human Footprint “Increasingly Visible”: There is growing evidence that man-made climate change is contributing to individual extreme weather and climate events, according to the latest analysis by the World Meteorological Organization. The report, released at COP22 in Marrakech, finds that greenhouse gas emissions raise the probability of extreme heat events as much as 10 times or more. The report also noted that 2011-2015 was the hottest five-year period on record with 2016 on track to become the hottest year on record. (APReutersPolitico Pro $, MashableHuffington PostBusinessGreen $)

US News
  • Toasty October keeps U.S. on track for 2nd-hottest year (Climate Central)
  • Environmentalists score a win in Nevada (Mother Jones)
  • Coal ally defeats coal ally in Indiana senate race (Mother Jones)
  • Donald Trump’s victory unsettles car-mileage debate (Wall Street Journal $)
  • Regardless of Trump or Clinton, US energy sector will remain the same, say experts (PV-Tech)
  • Exxon misled investors about climate risks, suit says (Bloomberg BNA)
  • Wildfires raging in southern Appalachians, Southeast (Washington Post $)
  • Oil and gas litigation’s fate unclear under new president (E&E News $)
  • Oil prices could for once prove election sensitive (Wall Street Journal $)
  • Why Wall St. thinks renewables could be better off after tax credits expire (Utility Dive)
  • Photographing the impact of California’s water crisis (New York Times $)
  • Court to hear Obama admin’s appeal in fracking rule case (The Hill)
  • Flooding & climate change impact on Iowa wildlife (Iowa Public Radio)
  • How this year’s 3 big climate initiatives will impact communities of color (Color Lines)
  • APS spends $3.5 million on Corp Com campaign; Solar City $2.2 million (Arizona Daily Sun)
  • Chicago company builds out — and shows off — smart grid and energy storage (Midwest Energy News)
  • Sunny disposition: Falling prices fuel solar boom (Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal-Sentinel)
  • Arctic agriculture: Alaska eyes new crops for added food security (News Deeply)
  • That fish might be lying about its identity, but it also might be more sustainable. (Grist)
  • This artist creates incredible portraits on ice caps — and then they disappear (CNN)

World News

  • OPEC’s job has just become tougher with Trump win (ReutersFortune)
  • European renewable stocks fall on concern Trump will cut support (Reuters)
  • Six reasons you should care about the Marrakesh climate talks (Bloomberg)
  • Climate conference aims to put Paris agreement into action (NPR)
  • New Global Climate Action initiative promises ‘huge surprise’ from green leaders (BusinessGreen $)
  • Which countries are most at risk for climate change disasters? (Pacific Standard)
  • Germany heads to COP22 without a plan (EurActiv)
  • African climate plans in doubt amid slow aid flows (Climate Home)
  • World’s first forest bond beats expectations (Reuters)
  • Biochar at COP22: Fighting climate change from the ground up (Pacific Standard)
  • Western Saharan delegate barred from attending Marrakech climate talks (Climate Home)
  • Just a third of largest emitters on track to meet 2030 GHG targets –report (Carbon Pulse $)
  • Philanthropy’s drive for ‘better cities’ needs data and collaboration boost: experts (Thomson Reuters Foundation)
  • Total to finance Iran project with Euros to avoid U.S. sanctions (Wall Street Journal $)
  • Natural gas lobby plans campaign to convince Australians of ‘long-term necessity’ (Guardian)
  • Beijing to reduce PM2.5 density by 30 pct (Xinhua)
  • The Arctic: A bellwether of climate change (Point News)
  • Britain’s last coal power plants to close by 2025 (Guardian)
  • Cloud-tracking cameras to tackle dips in solar power output (Guardian)
  • Huge puffin die-off may be linked to hotter seas (National Geographic)
  • Australia’s coal-fired power stations ‘will need to shut at rate of one a year’, hearing told (Guardian)
  • Wind turbines ‘could supply most of UK’s electricity’ (Guardian)
  • EU drops plans to make toasters more energy efficient over ‘intrusion’ fears (Guardian)
  • France could face winter power cuts, hit by nuclear dependence (Reuters)
  • The smog smothering India is so thick you can actually see it from space (Mashable)
  • Bleeding red ink: Australia’s $150 billion energy projects gamble falls flat (Forbes)
  • Global ‘greening’ has slowed rise of CO2 in the atmosphere, study finds (Guardian)
  • UK committed to moving away from coal-fired power plants: minister (Reuters)
  • South American energy firm AES Gener bets on renewables (Reuters)
  • Dairy farmers will no longer be shut out of carbon markets (Deutsche Welle)
  • Food Wise 2025 plans not viable without serious environmental impact’ (Independent)

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